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Sunday, December 13, 2009

John King Interviewed By Boston Globe

Last week, The Boston Globe interviewed CNN's John King. In the three page article, King talks about growing up in Boston and his early days in TV news. The article also quotes two of King's siblings as well as a few of his CNN coworkers.


Though he has lived in the capital for 21 years, King still answers "Boston" when asked where he’s from. Specifically: "beautiful Dorchester, Massachusetts, God’s country. St. Mark’s Parish, between Ashmont and Fields Corner." He’s the third of seven children: five boys, two girls. They lived on the third floor of a triple-decker. His father was a guard at the old Charles Street Jail; King keeps his badges on his desk.

Both his parents died young: his father at 55 of colon cancer, his mother at 59 of emphysema. "They were magicians. They gave us everything with nothing," King says. "And to be in a position [now] where I could put them on a plane, or a cruise, or rent a big house for everybody on the Vineyard - at least once a day I bemoan that fact."


His older sister, Jean Rodriguez - "J-Rod," John calls her - recalls the childhood holiday when there was a bonfire in a nearby park. John and his friend threw gasoline on it to see what would happen. "He got blown through the air and landed on his head and had a concussion," says Rodriguez, 48, who lives in Marshfield. "He was a little mischievous."

She misses his presence and says her children don’t know their Uncle John like they know the others. "In that sense, it’s something that’s been lost," she says. "I think he misses it, too, sometimes."

... to read the full article: In the neutral zone

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Anonymous said...

Hope his show is a success.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that John King can't share his success with his parents having lost them both at an early age. It is no wonder that he bemoans that fact every day. They never got see him at his best.