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Thursday, December 10, 2009

John King's New 7PM Program

A few weeks ago, Mediaite talked to John King about upcoming new 7PM program on CNN. Here are a few excerpts of the article, John King On CNN Ratings, Lou Dobbs And Plans For His New Show.

The CNN anchor still has some time before the show debuts in a couple months, and for now, King is focused on his current show, State of the Union. But King told Mediaite there was a “diverse group” of young people and those with more experience that are “kicking around a whole bunch of ideas.”

“We’re having a fun, lively debate about how to structure the format, the pacing of the show,” he said.

One thing he said he does expect is to have extended interviews, upwards of 8-10 minutes, to let the story breathe. This seems to be something he’ll take from his current Sunday show role, where he has the luxury of four hours. While the show will be largely a “Washington-based public affairs show,” King plans to incorporate a little sports, arts and culture as well.


One detail about his new 7pmET CNN program is set in stone – you’ll see the ‘Magic Wall.’ “Of course you will,” King told Mediaite. “One of the things we think is very important is to use technology in ways to make information more accessible, understandable and interactive with our audience.”

CNN has made a big push for interactivity – with Twitter, iReports and more – but there hasn’t been as much incorporation in a way that impacts the audience in the evening hours. King’s show could be a good first step. “The world has changed,” he said. “People have amazing access to whatever they want, whenever they want it. The wall is one piece of technology we have at our disposal to take people closer.”

... to read the full article: John King On CNN Ratings, Lou Dobbs And Plans For His New Show

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

John King seems to have given this opportunity some real thought and he comes to the program with a vast amount of political savy. The magic map is magical only when John does his magic and the entire board comes to life. He KNOWS how to use technology in this age of interactive media.
If all the anchors on CNN were as knowledgeable and appreciative of the opportunities presented to them and took advantage of these opportunities, CNN would be a different place.
Some anchors see things as opportunities for success, while others use it for stepping stones to fame, which has proven to be fleeting.