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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meredith Artley On's Redesign

Fast Company talked to Meredith Artley, vice president and managing editor of, about the website's recent redesign.

Artley views the newsroom as a cohesive unit, or, as she calls it, a "giant candy store," where the knowledge of contributors from all corners of CNN can be creatively combined to produce comprehensive, multimedia coverage of any story. Joining the team just before the redesign, Artley encouraged reporters not only to use the latest streaming video technology and share resources but to actually tell stories in a different, often more personal way. "This is a place for journalists to really have an impact," Artley says. "I think we can change the future of storytelling."


Still, the question remains: When it comes to technology, what will be the game changer, a la John King's "magic" touchscreen wall, for the experience? The site has already integrated streaming video with real-time chatter from Facebook, as it did on its Inauguration Day coverage. NewsPulse is a way to customize, filter, and search news. After hinting at the possibility of some interactive graphics, Artley says ... wait for it ... "We'll be getting funky in the months to come," she says.


But already since the redesign, Artley's team has noticed an uptick in more videos being watched, as well as a longer time engagement with the site--not just scanning for the latest headlines. That's the real change she thinks will see in the long run. "We're always going to have the breaking news, where we dominate and deliver," she says. "But look for new broader stories, trend pieces, that give more analysis." Artley even acknowledges the suggestion that could be a model for a brighter future in a bleak industry. "That's the most wonderful byproduct," she says. "We're empowering journalists to be reporting again."

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