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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday's AC360

Anderson Cooper will anchor from San Diego this Thursday night after the discovery of a tunnel from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico. The tunnel, which was not complete on the US side, is approximately 850 feet long and began under a false floor in a bathroom. Equipped with an elevator to take smugglers down to the tunnel, it was headed towards a US warehouse.Anderson Cooper will have exclusive access to the tunnel, which was apparently intended for human and drug trafficking.AC360° Correspondent, Michael Ware will update on cartel violence which is still happening at a record pace.National Geographic special correspondent Lisa Ling will also provide reports on drug trafficking.

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Anonymous said...

While I think it is a good idea putting AC in the field, I think he needs to go to a place where the situation warrants it. Yes, we have a drug trafficing problem, but right now the nation is concerned about airport security and health care. How about interviewing people who are on lines in the baggage claims department, and those workers who are checking bags etc. This is what is relevant to us now. No it is not may not be San Diego, but he could go LAX. Right now, I'm not particulary interested in border patrol.
How about exploring why there is a complete lack of security on the Acela Express in the Eastern corridor? The doors open and anyone with baggage gets on. You show one ID when you buy your ticket. That's it.
It's holiday time now and people are traveling.!! 360 Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea. This is why I
watch 360.CNN has reporters to cover
health care and the situation with the

Anonymous said...

Love it. 360 needs to go on a world tour
of Asia , Africa and Europe. Let's see more
about China,India,South Africa and other
emerging nations. Anderson, Micheal and
Lisa. I will be watching.

Anonymous said...

Having just viewed AC digging around in another Mexican Border tunnel near San Diego, I must say that though the show was better, 360 seems to lack a theme. We know AC is better in the field than sitting behind a desk, so why doesn't he do something more relevant such as going to a place like Bisbee,Arizona. This is a mining community which was once called Phelps Dodge and was sold to Freeport McMoran. I recently took the tour and it was timely and very interesting and showed how the miners go under ground for gold, silver, and copper.
Gold has been in the news lately because its sky rocketing as the dollar falls so why not investigate what is relevant instead repeating the past. A story like this would have legs and would be of importance to most people, not drugs and the cartel, drugs and the cartel, over and over.
It's almost as though 360 slaps together a show based on poor ratings and says "Lets send Cooper out in the field to bring up ratings." Well, it may for a day, but just to go any where is not the point.
360 must have a theme and stick to it or it will keep failing.