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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tom Foreman: Palin, pols and prose, oh my!

Tom Foreman CNN Metro 2009

CNN's Tom Foreman had an article in the Metro last week:

Palin, pols and prose, oh my!

The Internet is overflowing with holiday gift books for your politically savvy friends; to be unwrapped, placed prominently on the coffee table, and given to the school book drive two months later when your pals realize they are not really that interested in a biography of Barry Goldwater.

The problem is clear: For all the books out there, the ones that we actually want to read were simply not penned. So herewith I present the 10 best books of the year that should have been written:

Sarah Palin, “Levi’s on the Floor!”: When a harried ex-governor is called away from her busy schedule of debunking climate change by the hijinks of her almost son-in-law, hilarity prevails! And when he poses for Playgirl, it’s not just the planet that heats up.

Barack Obama, “Dreams of My Campaign”: In beautifully crafted prose, the commander in chief explains why certain unforeseen situations, the difficulty of pulling people together, and the economy have made fulfilling his campaign pledges ... uh ... what was I saying?

Hillary Clinton, “I Told You So”: The much-anticipated answer to Dreams of My Campaign.

... to read the full article: Palin, pols and prose, oh my!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having read and am reading Palin's book, I think Tom Foreman is underestimating her relevance. I am not a Palin fan, but I find that she knew a bit more about the inner workings of local gov't than we had previously given her credit for...and she apparently spent a great deal of time in the lower 48
before accepting the VP nomination.
There is more to her than meets the eye and I say this with much regret.