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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Update

For those of you that didn't catch AC360 last night, Dr. Gupta was reporting live from a make-shift hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where UN doctor's had just arrived to help the injured. His report was to be about the good news of the doctor's arrival but instead it turned into the sad story of the doctors and staff packing up and leaving. Sanjay was in disbelief as he reported their departure and he was told it was due to security reasons. They also took the majority of the medicine and supplies with them.

However, Dr. Gupta stayed behind to look after the sick, some of whom had just come out of surgery. Here are some Tweets from him tonight and also from Danielle Dellorto who writes and produces Dr. Gupta's show.

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Anonymous said...

God bless Sanjay Gupta and all of the CNN
people who stay with him during the night.
He is a beautiful human being and a gifted
doctor. Those patients were in very good
hands and thank goodness that he was there.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the good doctor will play a vital role
in the telethon set for Friday. This is the exact
reason why Ted Turner launched CNN. Call it
the thirst for knowledge and information.

I have no idea how CNN manages to pull big
events like this off and let us witness the real
events on the ground but it is to be applauded.

I just hope CNN remembers it's history and
importance to the world as a source for news
and information that really matters.

Kudos to Dr Gupta,Anderson,Ivan,Gary,
Chris and I am sure countless people
who are behind the scenes. I just hope
they and find a way to get the US military
and people there from around the world
there to help the Haitian people.

Anonymous said...

I must say CNN is a very unique journalism
treasure.It has been some great reporting and
human interest stories that just breaks your heart.

Anonymous said...

Dr Gupta and others for CNN stay safe
and hopefully bring us miracles, AC
was just on earlier talking about efforts
to rescue a possible survivor, a little
girl who's mother has been trying to
get help for her daughter who has been
trapped in the rubble of a school.

Cyn said...

Bravo to Sanjay and his impromptu med-team of Danielle, Tim, and Jonathan for service above and beyond the call of duty.

Sanjay tweeted this morning: So sorry to not anchor my show today. couldn't break away from the field hospital. if cnn doesn't fire me, promise to do the show tomorrow.

Think it's safe to assume his job is secure!

Anonymous said...

Sanjay Gupta has not been given enough credit during normal broadcasts. This tragedy has catapulted him to MD/Journalist stardom. If AC and his team win emmys, so should Sanjay.
Sanjay does double duty. He not only reports, but actually SAVES people. He's should now become a most valued resource at CNN.

Anonymous said...

Now that W. is in the mix with Clinton....we know for sure help is on the way in Haiti. Have no fear, help is really here.