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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heidi Collins To Leave CNN

Best of luck to Heidi Collins who according to an article by TVNewser will be leaving the network as of January 15. Here's an excerpt of their article which can be found in full here.

First on TVNewser: TVNewser has confirmed that dayside anchor Heidi Collinswill not have her contract renewed by CNN, and that she will leave the network on Friday, January 15.

A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser: "After seven years of dedicated service to CNN, Heidi Collins will be leaving the network on January 15. We thank Heidi for her contributions to the network and wish her the best."

Collins joined CNN in July of 2002 as an anchor for then-Headline News. Previously she was an anchor/reporter for stations in Denver; Colorado Springs; and Wichita Falls, Texas.

No word yet on Collins' future plans. She had been anchoring CNN's dayside 9-11amET newscast. Ali Velshi will now anchor the 1-3pmET "CNN Newsroom" while Kyra Phillips will move to Collins' spot.

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Cyn said...

That's too bad... I really like Heidi.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure this is a good idea. The solo
anchor thing is not working.I think it is a
huge mistake. CNN still does not have an
anchor of stature during the day.

Anonymous said...

So CNN doesn't think women need to be air
most of the time. Many think this is because
Jon Klein fires women over 40 but older men
are okay. Cavemen are in charge at CNN.

Anonymous said...

Down goes CNN.I am turning from the

Anonymous said...

TVN says Abbi on The Sit Room is also leaving.
I am sorry but Ali can be a bit over the top.
CNn really hates it's viewers. Ali & Rick back
to back will certainly annoy viewers.HLN is
now my choice.

Phebe said...

What I don't get is why the shake up to the daytime schedule? CNN's problems are much bigger in Prime Time.

Anonymous said...

Phebe Jon Klein messed up pirme time and day
programing at the same time.CNN is completely
broken. I think Campbell Brown is not as easy
for them to get rid of. Look at how long they
have let her maintain the 8 pm slot. Jon Klein
is shooting himself in the foot with these moves.
Look at CNN a week into 2010. Everything is
about blame and hot air.I think people will
turn from CNN early in the day and not come
back later.It is just down right stupid to remove
all of the women from the afternoon and into
the evening. From 11-8 there will be no female
anchors. In other words women don't belong
in the anchor chair just older boring men.
By CNN's standards, Diane nor Katie could
get promoted.I would think you would at
least go with a male and female team at
least 1 hour in the day this is just beyond
stupid and CNN will suffer the consequences.
It would be so fitting if a woman ends up
with Klein's job. Who is the target audience
for Ali and Rick. This does not give them
any news cred.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Klein is in denial about prime time so he's not rational. If you are a rational person you know that prime time is in trouble, but Klein is void of reason.
Campbell has bad numbers, so get get rid of Heidi Collins. Now that makes sense.
Can't wait to see who he hires for State of the Union....the muppets?

Anonymous said...

There goes the "naughty chair."

Anonymous said...

Translation : CNN is getting out of the news
biz.CNN= Crumbling News Network.

Anonymous said...

John Roberts and Kyra Phillips were both co-anchoring the news again at the 7Pm Hour. What's up with that I wonder?

Anonymous said...

TVNewser is reporting Heidi was the weakest chain in the link and Kyra had better credentials. I know Kyra was more likeable and she did interview Palin's relatives last year. I wonder why Soledad has not been tapped for anything. They bring her out for special occasions, like fine jewelry.

Tedi B said...

I'm sorry to see her go but I do like Ali. I wish him well!

Anonymous said...

I meant weakest "link in the chain." Good thing I'm not selling bracelets.
anon: 9:06PM

Anonymous said...

I agree Soledad should be anchoring. I am
not sure if Ali will work anchoring for 2 hours.
I worry that CNN is doing the same thing that
caused MSNBC to take a hit dayside.

Anonymous said...

The recent anchor changes give me no reason
to turn to CNN.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder how much thought management gives to these anchoring positions. Ali anchors for two days during Christmas and there's the aha moment.
Rick loves to "twitter," in more ways than one, and then he gets another hour. Talk about lack of thought and reason, Anderson sang the other nite, let's make him the first "singing anchor!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07 I have the same question. I
wonder if anyone at CNN is thinking.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs new leadership and a new vision.
How can any cable news channel go without
a female anchor for 9 hours.It is like watching
news is the 70's. CNN is not in touch with
modern society.

Anonymous said...

this is a sad day for me.i found out that Heidi is leaving cnn you are the reason i watch will miss you

Anonymous said...

heidi is the reason i watch cnn

Anonymous said...

I will miss Heidi's professionalism. I guess CNN is trying to copy FOXs format. Where's the originality and innovation now? Going to change to MSNBC now.

Wardell Harris said...

I watch and listen to CNN everyday and I am very sad Heidi is leaving, I wish you all the success in the world Heidi

Wardell Harris

George The Chomper said...

I do hope that leaving CNN was Heidi's decision. If so, it was a good decision in order for her to maintain dignity as CNN falters in this "news business." Her delivery of the filtered follies in this world will be missed. She was a joy to look at and listen to.

Shelley in Colorado said...

I am glad to see her go. I find her to be robotic and smug. I shall return to CNN in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Collins was the reason I watched CNN during her morning show. I believe she will be a significant loss to you and I wish her the best of luck in any future endeavors. I now watch a different channel because of her departure.

Mark said...

Heidi was the best thing on CNN -- I really believed she MUST have left on her own accord and found an even better job elsewhere.

If CBS is watching, they should dump Katie Couric and put Heidi in her place, stat! Man, I should be a network executive, I make all the right moves.