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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Larry King Talks to Ryan Seacrest After How Can You Help

Earlier this week, Larry King was once again on Ryan Seacrest radio program. They discussed the program Larry King Live: Haiti: How Can You Help which aired on January 19, 2010. The program raised over $7 million.

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Anonymous said...

I've already donated generously during Michelle's public announcement for The Red Cross. To me, she is the most influential person to ask others to donate whatever resources they might have.
When "stars" like George Clooney" get involved it is a real
"turn off."
If Mr. Clooney really wanted to help Haiti, let him donate his next 20 million for his next film.
Now that's charity, the rest is self promotion.

Anonymous said...

Great mews I am looking forward to
tonight's Haiti benefit.It will be interesting
to see what Anderson and Sanjay report
for us tonight. Thank you CNN and those
involved in the benefit.

Anonymous said...

This benefit is pure publicity for many of the celebrities. People who really want to donate, will doante anyway.
I agree wtih 1:49am, pure promotion for celebs.