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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ratings for the Week of January 18th

1 - Ratings based on a four night average. Special programming was aired on Friday, 1/22.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I think tonight's ratings for the post analysis
will find CNN behind MSNBC.

Is it really necessary to have that many pundits ?
For a whole hour should viewers put up with that.

Anonymous said...

FOX News continues to lead but for the past two weeks, CNN has come in a strong second because of the crisis in Haiti and then the fund raiser. It will be interesting to see whether, CNN and especially 360
return to the norm.

Anonymous said...

Having read the post on ATA about AC's NYC property being a firehouse, it struck me as odd that a person supposedly so private would buy something so public, right smack in the middle of the village.
If he had any intention of this becoming a residence, he might think twice about the privacy issue.
It's like buying an old historic "Post Office," and saying "Just mail me." What could he be thinking???
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are good for CNN but
I am concerned about this week. CNN's
got some things that need to be fixed.
It is in need of leadership,ideas and
imagination.I think the numbers will
be okay for the speech itself, but the
11 o'clock hour won't be too good.

Anonymous said...

According to TVNewser's latest data on the SOTU, analyzing the data, didn't do poorly on CNN at the 10pm hour. At the 11pm hour viewers seemed to lose interest. This is not surprising but viewers have also lost interest in the Haitian crisis. While I'm sympathetic and so are the millions who donated, enough is enough.
We have our own problems and now we're being told the dependable Toyotas we drive are unsafe at any speed. Combine that with job loss and dissatisfaction, loss of health care, increased property taxes, and a housing bust, it is no wonder our sympathy for others indeed, waning.
I for one will not be watching AC's Special tomorrow. I've seen enough horrific images to last a life time.....nothing tops 9/11 if only because it happened HERE.

Anonymous said...

Was Anderson even on at 11 it was gabfest

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the reason "Saving Haiti" was never shown before tonite after releasing a long press release on Thursday telling us how great it was.
I know Obama spoke to the Republicans in Baltimore to appease them, and it was interesting, but to devote that much time and energy rehashing what he said the way he said it, was not necessary.
CNN still hasn't learned when enough is enough. Once, twice, fine, the third time CNN it's a strike and you're out.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to John King's 7PM position during the week? Wolf seems to have taken over that third hour, so he goes from 5-8pm. He seems not to mind and is at ease with it, so maybe it's just as well and King is staying with SOTU.