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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ratings For the Week of January 4th

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Anonymous said...

Why is Nancy Grace so hot in the ratings
these days.HLN just keeps growing.

Anonymous said...

FOX NEWS seems to be doing reverse reporting. While it gave Haiti some coverage during the day, the regulars were left in the prime time was almost as though Haiti wasn't happening.
Interesting to see what the ratings will be.

Anonymous said...

While AC was standing in the mist of chaos, and looked rather calm, cool and collected, President Clinton, during his satellite interview, looked as though he had a bad "skin rash." I know I have HD, but I don't have 3D....yet!

Anonymous said...

Anderson & Team 360 are doing a great
job in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

I look for CNN to take a huge hit in the ratings
once Haiti interest goes down and CNN goes
with it's news daytime lineup.I think it is a
bad decision and will lead to dragging down
the prime time numbers. I say FNC and HLN
will be the benefactors.I don't think viewers
will be able to tolerate CNN from 1-4 pm.
Which is going to end up hurting Wolf. CNN
will likely take a hit in it's day numbers as
well. The competition senses that CNN is
extremely weak if this is best that they can do.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the numbers for CNN yesterday on
TV Newser and it just goes to show people
want news.AC, Gary, Dr Gupta and all of the
people at 360 did some amazing news last
night. Anderson won the demo for both
10 & 11,however he trailed in viewers.It just
goes to show why people tune in for 360 &
what the expect from Anderson Cooper.He
is in a league all bey himself.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Campbell Brown. Her ratings in totals were higher, according to TVNewser than AC 360 in the 10PM hour. This is a first for her and all of CNN's line up totalled over a million because of the Haitian disaster.

Anonymous said...

While Anderson may be in a league of his own, he did not win in the demographics on Thursday. His competition did. FOX has continued to win in totals all week dispite the "Breaking News" on Haiti.
CNN appears, however, to be coming in a strong second, if you don't count FOX's lead in every slot, by a million plus....all according to TVNewser.