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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saving the Survivors

Ivan Watson, reporting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Sunday, was following the story of a rescue in process at a supermarket. Some people were rescued from the location earlier in the day. Watch his report here.

Ivan joined Don for an update in the next hour of CNN Newsroom.

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Anonymous said...

CNN is doing a great job covering the crisis
as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. My hope
is that this causes the network to focus on the
news and stories that need to be told. Since
this crisis unfolded I have watched CNN and
saw the reason way I started watching 360 in
particular, it's unique style of storytelling and
team of people who are committed to covering
the news from around the globe. Kudos to AC,
Sanjay, Gary, Ivan and the countless others who
are down in Haiti and broadcasting CNN to the
world.No one can argue about CNN's amazing
coverage and people are talking notice.So
many times I hear people say did you see
what CNN has on. I know this is a really big
logistical nightmare and some how they are
getting the job done. Someone had the
foresight to dispatch Anderson and all
of the others.It was the right thing to do
and now all of the other networks are trying
to catch up but CNN is leading the pack.

Anonymous said...

This is as close as you can get to real time
news. I really do wish CNN would do live streaming
with the programs during the haiti quake. People
should be able to see this story everywhere on
multiple platforms.

Anonymous said...

CNN's numbers seem to be holding steady
according to TV by the Numbers. People
seem to be interested in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

While CNN is doing well during the Haiti disaster, it is NOT leading.
Years ago, given a disaster of this magnitude, everyone would turn to CNN. Now that isn't so. As the days go by, and the novelty of Haitian suffering wears off, CNN's numbers will go back to where they were....and they are still #2 during a disaster, not a good sign.