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Friday, February 5, 2010

Candy Crowley Interview Sec. Clinton on SOTU

This Sunday will mark the first State of the Union anchored by its new anchor, Candy Crowley. Crowley's first interview will be with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Here is a preview:

The Denver Post's TV Critic spoke with Crowley on Monday about the move to Sunday mornings. Here's an excerpt of Joanne Ostrow's article:

Crowley becomes the only woman anchoring a Sunday political talk show, and the first since Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson stopped co-anchoring ABC's "This Week" in 2002.

"I told the staff Sunday that I think a lot of what people miss about pure politics is, there's a lot of fun in it," she said by phone from Washington, D.C. "Sometimes it gets too serious. We foget to step back and say 'this is ridiculous.' Some of its nonsensical. I hope to bring all that to the table."

She may also contribute a weekly piece about "something that catches my fancy."

Crowley is somewhat surprised to be told she is often very funny on the air, in a droll way.

"I'm not a pa-dum-bum" person," she said. "I come from Michigan and Missouri, so I have a dry prairie wit. I guess more people get it than I thought."

In general, she said, "I don't know how how you can cover politics and not have a sense of humor." That's because politics is "a combination Shakespearian drama of life and death, theater of the absurd, and a little guerilla street theater."

She says she is not focused on the ratings, but on making her show "user-friendly," and claims to be free of bias toward either political party.

"I can honestly tell you, as I have covered politics for the last couple of decades, I have become less sure of the answers to absolutely everything. Everything is less clear the more you know about it."

To read the full article: Crowley takes over as CNN "State of the Union" anchor

State of the Union with Candy Crowley airs on Sunday morning at 9am - 10am ET and NOON - 1pm ET.

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Anonymous said...

I admire both these women immensely and wish Candy best of luck. She will not need it.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a big Candy Crowley fan, I think after seeing her this morning she is a bit "stiff." She needs to do what John King did and "have fun with it," and smile more. I know she's not used to it and she will improve with time, but John did have a way of letting the viewer know he was really enjoying himself. Candy is taking this way too seriously.