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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNN's Trial Separation From The AP

According to an article posted to the Washington Examiner's website last night, CNN is going AP-less this week to see how not using the Associated Press' wire service will impact their reporting ability.

As part of the test, the network will evaluate the need for an AP subscription, and will look to staff for feedback on how a lack of AP wires affects workflow. CNN already offers an external wire service to other news outlets.

The network is known for its breaking news coverage, which has some from the inside fearing it won't be able to keep up.

"A lot of us are worried this could hamper our newsgathering abilities, but it's too soon to know for sure," a staffer in the D.C. bureau told Yeas & Nays.

Source: CNN quits the AP (for a week)

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Anonymous said...

Okay. This might work if you actually put
your reporters and others to work, hitting
the streets worldwide to get us original news.
If CNN is serious they will give me news I
can't get on all of the others. I have always
wondered why CNN and others have not
hired laid off journalists from other news
organizations with contacts that can be
a wealth of news of a wide range of topics.
I think is it more about CNN offering a news
wire alternative. The must have for modern
day journalists are : mobile news units
that include cameras, computers and mobile
devices. People create their own media now.
I have noticed this guy named Joe Carter on
HLN. I like his style of reporting. Unless
your are out actively pursuing the news
you won't get it. It is called multi platform
news. I-movie is quick and easy as well
as Final Cut Pro. Heck CNN now has a
YouTube channel.

Anonymous said...

A prankster put in a call to Ali Velchi, according to TVNewser, calling him a dumbe a--, saying he should know that this was a prank call when he mentioned American Idol.
One commenter said CNN should be calling the experts, NOT taking calls from experts and that's a very good point....from here on in.
Whoever mishandled this should have known better, but Ali recovered well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05 there is now excuse for that.
CNN blew it, This guy should never had
made it on the air. It is called checking
the facts. Before putting someone on
the air you simply call to see if it is true.
Might not work if CNN continues with the
mistakes. I hope that 360 is smart enough
to lead with the newest snow storm, Already
this is a record for snow.

Anonymous said...

@7:26PM: You are right. He never should have gotten through and someone deserves to lose their job for NOT FACT CHECKING!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the record snow fall here in the East. One anonymous poster on ATA mentioned that, and they were slammed because they said this was a bad week to focus on Haiti and then you wonder why people post anonymously.