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Friday, February 12, 2010

Miles O'Brien investigates Continental 3407

One year ago today, Continental Airlines flight 3407 suddenly nosedived into a house while on approach to the Buffalo airport, killing all on board and one person on the ground. Former CNN anchor and science/tech guru Miles O'Brien investigated the causes of the crash for Frontline, and the full episode can be viewed online at the PBS website. While pilot error is cited as the official cause, there are disturbing political and bureaucratic issues that fostered the situation and put all of us -- in the air or sitting at home -- in danger.

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Anonymous said...

If I were Miles O'Brien I wouldn't do one thing for CNN after what Klein did to him.
Not to recognize this man's genious and skill in science and to reward him by firing him because of cost cutting was not only dishonorable but mean.
But wait there's money for Rick Sanchez because he "tweets!"

starviego said...

Almost 30 ear witnesses in the neighborhood where the plane crashed reported that the engines were making weird noises before the crash. I wouldn't take anything the NTSB says at face value.

Anonymous said...

In this particular case, it was pilot error.
They were trained on simulators and had little flying experience to manage these harsh weather conditions.