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Thursday, March 4, 2010

And Yet Another Heads to CBS

Vino Wong/AAJA Atlanta

The line between CBS and CNN blurred even further today when it was announced that CNN's Betty Nguyen is leaving CNN and joining CBS as a full-time CBS News Correspondent. Beginning March 11th. Nguyen will anchor "CBS Morning News" and report for "The Early Show." Nguyen has been with CNN since 2004 and is the weekend anchor for Newsroom along with TJ Holmes.
Congratulations to Betty, we wish you all the success you so richly deserve.

All Things CNN did a Q & A a few years back with Betty that you can read by following the link.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic. 3 women have left CNN headed
to CBS.It is a shame that CNN did not value
3 upcoming females in television news.
They could not be given a shot during the
day or night yet an idiot like Rick Sanchez
gets opportunities. What in the world is
he doing anchoring in prime time.If CNN
is dumb enough to even consider giving
someone like that a prime time show they
have lost me as a viewer.

Anonymous said...

How long before CBS goes for TJ. The 2
of them have the perfect chemistry to
be the new morning team at CBS and it
would be a fresh new dynamic team in
for the Early Show which is currently not
even close to ABC or NBC. I wonder if CBS
and CNN will eventually merge. That has
been the speculation for the past couple
of years.I will be looking to see if Anderson
will become the new host for 60 minutes
but still anchor 360 for CNN.I am wondering
why Les Moonves is giving Sean McManus
the money to raid CNN when it comes to
talent since CBS recently had some layoffs.
Maybe Alina Cho can team with TJ if he
stays.I will also be looking to see if Don
and Fredericka are the next to leave.
Correspondents like Elaine Quijano jump
from network to network all of the time,
but it is rare for 2 anchors to leave and
head for the same network. Personally,
I think it would serve CNN right for
not promoting the right people who
will be around for the next 10 years.
Betty, Erica, TJ , Don & Fred were all
passed over for people who are a
drag on ratings for CNN and gets rid
of Heidi and ships Kyra to mornings.
Something is clearly wrong with CNN.
Jon Klein's days have got to be numbered.
As they should be for ruined a once
great news organization.

Anonymous said...

I really believe there is a merger between CBS and CNN on the way and some people have been contacted that there are openings. These 3 women were probably "tapped" just like AC, and told when to leave. It is my guess he will leave when the opportunity presents itself.
I also read that John King was in contact with another network not to long ago. What network that was, I do not know.
But I'm certain you will continue to see slow exits to CBS.

Anonymous said...

@11:00PM: Something tells me Jon Klein will be leaving for CBS as well. I know it's disheartening, but they will not do away with him so quickly.
Guess 'will just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is because so many of the
correspondents at CBS are likely going to
retire.It does seem odd that CNN is the
only place that CBS is looking at for new
faces for the network.It would be interesting
if Time Warner and Viacom would merge.
That would be a huge rival for Comcast &
NBC.Dr. Gupta also does stories for CBS.
@ 12:58 you might be on to something
way would CNN let Betty not have a contract.
Maybe there is something we do not know
about just yet.Moonves and Bewkes are
good friends.Recently, there was a huge
article speculating that the big 3 news
programs would eventually have to partner
with cable news channels and it said that
NBC would be fine do to MSNBC. One
thing they said was that CNN was not in
such a rush because last year CNN had
it's most profitable year in the history
of the network.It would have to be
TW buying CBS from Viacom and I am
not sure if now is the right time for
Bewkes to do that with all of the money
that TW is sitting on right now. I think
Current TV is a better fit for CNN.
Right now DirecTV has a stake in Current.
If CNN could get it's hands on Vanguard
and Infomania along with Embedded
they would give them some much needed
docs and 2 new shows.CNN definitely needs
some new shows. The thing is that if there
is a merger going on no one can say
anything about it.

activist mon said...

Glad Betty is leaving. Do you think we could trade Kiran Chetry and a future draft pick to get Erika Hill back?

activist mon said...

I agree about Rick Sanchez. They should have given Erika Hill his two hours.

Anonymous said...

@activist: I don't know what Erica you are referring to but if it the one that left 360, she was paid to do nothing but be a cheerleader for AC and she was a really good one. But no way is she Kiran Chetry. Kiran was hand picked by Klein, from Fox&Friends, and it was one of the few good choices he ever made.