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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Name That News Program

John King has a secret and he's talking about it on Twitter. His new 7PM program has a name and a start date... but he isn't telling... yet. What he will do is tweet clues at 7AM and 7PM ET each day this week ... (leading up to a big reveal).

The clues so far:

Gearing up for the new 7p show! want the name and launch date? will tweet clues rest of the week _ at 7 am/pm (eastern). Check back!
4:00 PM Mar 1st via OpenBeak

Good morning. First clue: new show name tied to something special we share. More re name and launch @7a & 7pE thru final clue fri! #cnn.
about 14 hours ago via OpenBeak

clue 2: in settling on name for new 7pE show, we knew had to be very much about politics, and about a place. more clues 7a&7p til fri. #cnn
about 2 hours ago via web

You can follow the rest of the clues on twitter: JohnKingCNN

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to John. I just hope the
show is not just about politics being
that TSR is on before that. I am of the
mindset that during the 6 or 7 pm
hour CNN needs a national/global
news show. Right now CNN is relying
on boring chatter. They need to focus
more on the facts like Rachel Maddow.
Rachel doesn't repeat the talking points
or tell you what to think, Maddow makes
you think.

Anonymous said...

Why does CNN always promote their up coming shows with the worst possible promo photo of their anchors? This is not a flattering picture of John King and they've done the same thing with promos for Anderson Cooper.
Do they have a file that is labeled unflattering, use now?