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Saturday, March 27, 2010

National Headliner Awards Announced

Recently the National Headliner Awards were announced recently. CNN was well represented among the winners. Here's a run down of their honors.

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event
First Place: CNN
Anderson Cooper 360: Inside the Battle Zone: Afghanistan
Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, David Doss

Documentary or Series of Reports
Second Place: CNN
World's Untold Stories: Killing Fields: Long Road to Justice
Dan Rivers, Kocha Orlan, Mike McCarthy and Sheri England

Investigative Reporting
First Place: CNN
Your Government at Work: Post Office Mansion
Abbie Boudreau, Scott Zamost and Jessi Joseph
Second Place: CNN
Anderson Cooper 360: Texas Highway Robbery?
Gary Tuchman, Katherine Wojtecki, Kevin Myers, Derek Davis and Alana Duglas
Third Place: CNN
American Morning: Gulfstream Air Investigation
Allan Chernoff, Laura Dolan, Janelle Rodriguez, James Kraft

Business and Consumer Reporting
First Place: CNN

The Border
Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston, Scott Matthews, Todd Schwarzschild, Marcus Hooper
Second Place: CNN
How the Wheels Came Off: The Rise and Fall of the American Auto Industry
Michael Kane, Ali Velshi and Christine Romans

Health/Science Reporting
First Place: CNN
The Wheelchair
Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston, Scott Matthews, Todd Schwarzschild, Marcus Hooper
Third Place: CNN
Another Day Cheating Death
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Roni Selig, Tim Langmaid, Caleb Hellerman, David Martin

Congratulations to CNN and may I add that I did not see one award listed for Fox or MSNBC. It's nice to see the hard working people at CNN get some recognition for jobs well done.

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Cyn said...

Congratulations to CNN for all the Headliner Awards this year.

I do have one question: seems to me that I recall Michael Ware being a big part of the Afghanistan reporting that won first prize -- so why wasn't his name included with the rest of the team?

Is CNN guilty of antiAntipodean bias? Hmmmm? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the absence of Michael Ware, why oh why was Drew Griffin given an award in any category? IMHO he ought to work for FOX NEWS.
His interview with the "mighty" Sarah Palin was not only a waste of time but totally and factually inaccurate, just like the person he was interviewing.

Sharon said...

While reporting for Inside the Battle Zone special Michael Ware was almost blown up by an IED that went off near the truck he was riding in. The IED exploded a second before it was suppose to otherwise Mr. Ware along with the others riding in that truck could have lost their lives or been severely injured.
Why would CNN exclude Michael Ware’s name on this special that they submitted to the National Headliner Awards committee? This omission infuriates me.

maxie1218 said...

Cyn and Sharon make excellent points...Michael Ware should have been included with the rest of the team....Why the gross omission CNN???!!!

Anonymous said...

who sit on the board to decide those awards?

CNN folks.

Self congratulation is not a crime.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it ladies, Michael may well agree with you. We have not seen him lately? If he leaves CNN, they deserve it. As a matter of fact, I think his colleagues should say something about HIS OMISSION.