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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wolf Blitzer Honored

The University at Buffalo Alumni Association will honor CNN host Wolf Blitzer, BA '70, with it's Distinguished Alumni Award. The UB Alumni Association Achievement Awards ceremony is to be held at 6:30 p.m. April 9 in Lippes Concert Hall in Slee Hall on the North Campus.

DiGamma Kappa, the University of Georgia's student professional broadcasting society, partnered with the Georgia Association of Broadcasters to honor Blitzer with their award for Distinguished Achievement in Broadcasting at the organization’s annual banquet on March 15, 2010. Wolf had some advice for the audience of aspiring journalists, he said a good reporter — above all else — must be curious.

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Anonymous said...

Now that health care reform is for real maybe
CNN can stop with the silliness. Personally, I
could not watch CNN. I watched MSNBC.Did
it ever occur to CNN that Obama is not a
failure as too many of the talking heads keep
trying to make people believe. Wake up CNN,
follow the news and not the noise.

Anonymous said...

One thing I am sick of hearing is the politics
of who wins and loses.I am not concerned
about someone's political future. Tell me
what is in the bill and what it means for me.
The passage of this bill shows the pundits
don't know anything and are wrong on just
about everything. President Obama achieved
what others before him failed to do.No matter
how CNN tries and play it down people know
the truth and no matter how the media tries
to downplay this monumental achievement
the people will not be fooled by old media.
When people see history in the making and
unfolding, you don't them they are not
witnessing events with their own eyes
by focusing on ideology and trying to
draw attention from the historic moment.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to tell the truth about the Tea Party.
Lawmakers are receiving racists faxes and
people are vandalizing lawmakers offices and
even the authorities are investigating at least
2 tweets basically calling for the assassination
of Obama. At some point CNN has to wake up
and realize the anger has nothing to do with
health care.It is about Obama being president.
CNN does not have a clue.By next week people
will be so over health care once the bill gets
through the Senate.CNN might try and focus
on the GOP and health care and the people
will not care because it is the economy.