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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Daily Show Talks CNN and Stephen Colber Tackles Scientology

The Daily Show aired this clip on CNN last night.

And the Colbert Report aired this clip on the AC360 Scientology series.

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Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is so right about CNN. They try
to be everything and end up looking ridiculous.
There is no excuse for hiring the red state guy
and that is exactly why John King's show will
be a failure. People are urging a boycott. To
add insult to injury CNN is considering David
Shuster.CNN just seems to want bad anchors
and it is speeding up a complete collapse.
CNN is so busy trying to find a Beck, KO or
Maddow that it is a sinking ship because no
one is minding the store.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Jon CNN. He told you years ago to
drop the pundits since they serve no purpose.
Will CNN now fire the RedState guy since he is
threatening to shoot Census people. Both Keith
& Rachel are taking CNN to the woodshed on this
one. Nobody is buying that CNN is not aware of
some of his previous statements.

Anonymous said...

The entire clip was not only directed at "The Red State Guy." It was directed at CNN and the way in which they are doing business, including showing Larry King trying to be "hip," and riding around LA with Snoop Dog of all people.
Jon Stewart is not against ALL pundits. He is against stupidity and that includes anchors as well.

Anonymous said...

CNN's forte is news not chatter.CNN can't
become FNC or MSNBC. CNN is a brand
name.CNN has to realize the media has
changed and they don't control the message
anymore. Spud is right politics has made the
24/7 news channels nothing but extensions
of the ideologues and it is getting old. One
thing I think that a lot of the people writing
about CNN is ignoring is that CNN has some
really bad shows. Also, the content of Campbell
Brown and Larry King are simply just horrible.
I am sorry I never thought Campbell Brown
was a good anchor and I think that is why
NBC went with Ann Curry. Having John King
come on right after TSR is a mistake.It makes
people think I am just going to see a rehash
of what I have seen for the last 2 hours.
That is why I say move TSR from 4-6 and
come up with a new show at 6. Why would
CNN be interested in Davis Suster? It seems
as though 360 is turning around and I think
it is because they get rid of the annoying
panels.I am with Rachel Maddow mind
over chatter.Nightline seems to do well
with 18-49 year olds and CNN could do
the same if they actually did news and
quit making up fake topics to try and
stir up controversy. The Erikson hire
is another black eye for CNN. If this is
not a signal that CNN does not need
more opinion I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of people saying CNN must be
like FNC to be successful. CNN seems to have
forgotten what is viewers want and that is why
the network lost viewers.CNN will not get more
viewers by doing what FNC does. FNC and MSNBc
are not strong news operations. If CNN strays
away from news it will affect their ability to make
money. America needs are real news channel and
CNN needs to fill the void. Can't news be CNN's
identity. One complaint I constantly hear is that
CNN is not doing news. I think that is the point
that Jon Stewart is making.CNN is so busy
trying to find the obnoxious personality and
comes off looking dumb.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that CNN is now so lazy it is getting "feeds" from ABC and none other than, Fox News? They aren't even ashamed to let the viewer know they are not able to get the news directly anymore.
Jon Stewart's point was that Eric Erickson was never vetted. I believe this because CNN has gotten so lazy and it can't even get direct "feeds."

Anonymous said...

I hope what Don Lemon said tonight is really
true. He said CNN does not do shows with
opinion hosts. He is one of my anchor favs
at CNN and is being wasted on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon is one of my favorite weekend anchors as well, but I don't think CNN knows what they're going to do next. Whatever "sticks" is what's going to happen. You just watch.