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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of March 29th

1 - Based on four nights of regular programming
2 - Based on three nights of regular programming

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the ratings will be low for
360 tonight. Rachel is on MSNBC with the
breaking news and Anderson is talking
about Tiger Woods and Sarah Palin. Who
cares about these 2.

Anonymous said...

I give Rachel a lot of credit for being "herself." She doesn't care what people think and she brings her own type of signature to what could have become a really dull program for MSNBC. She's always polite but she gets her point across without being nasty. CNN needs to find someone with smarts and depth, like Rachel Maddow. Someone unafraid to take a chance and be different than the rest.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a joke. Right now MSNBC & FNC
are live with Obama but not CNN. Funny
how they manage to find time to take
Sarah Palin live but not the president who
is about to sign a nuclear arms treaty.This
is a no brainer. The Rachel Maddow Show
proves you don't have to yell and can have
a smart news show.I am starting to think
CNN is afraid of smart female anchors who
are well read and know the facts. they don't
have a sharp and smart female in prime
time and it is hurting them.

Anonymous said...

IMHO 360 got the plane incident right.
When Anderson Cooper knew the facts he
was live with Peter Bergen, who provided
the right details.I am hoping that CNN will
hire Lisa and Laura LIng and Marianna Van
Zeller. All 3 of these women are smart and
have traveled the world for news.CNN did
let Rachel Maddow get away.CNN needs to
get back to being intelligent and less of the
circus atmosphere.I still say CNN should have
an all female news show with women of
diverse ethnic backgrounds doing a real
news show. Let them be real journalists
with knowledge of the facts and no
pundits, just serious and informed female
journalists that are in the news biz.
I say put it on at 8. Let's face Campbell
Brown is not going to catch on at this
point in the game. There has to be a
change in programming for the hour
on CNN. You have to give people something
that is not currently on tv and original.
I am not talking about the View. I mean
a legit news show.

Anonymous said...

CNN hire Conor Knighton once Larry King
retires. Conor can help bring in 18-49 yr
olds and would be a boost for 360. Just
have him do a daily version of Infomania.
If CNN wants to find the next big thing in
cable news they need to look at the people
on Current TV.It would be a perfect fit for
CNN , the merger of old and new.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that CNN thinks Roland Martin is
the only black male at the network who is
permitted to be on in prime time? Why not
Don Lemon or Tj Holmes ? Could it be they
don't fit the stereotypes of CNN management?
Since the are not loud and anger enough for
the bosses at CNN.It is offensive.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Judging by the ratings for John King's
show, courtesy TVN, the boycott for CNN
hiring Erick Erickson for the the show is
in full effect. I think the closer CNN tries
to be like Fox and basically implying that
Obama is not important as president but
Palin and teapartiers are they will continue
to have falling numbers. What message do
they think viewers are trying to tell them.
360 was getting better but for some dumb
reason it is back to the panels.

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time getting what CNN
is doing these days. The confusion is now
starting to show on the air.

Maybe CNN should have Wolf on from 4-6
and move John King to the 6 o'clock hour.
Come up with new shows for 7 and 8 and
have a plan for what to do once Larry King

Start looking for a new president , if you
can find anyone to take the job. Perhaps
Rome Hartman,David Neuman or someone
who will give CNN instant news credibility
and has some vision about what to do and
can fix things before it is too late.

Right now they need to fix AM.I always
thought it should be John, Kyra and
Zain along with rotating talent from
both CNN and CNN International.I
really think that is why Morning Joe
is starting to beat AM,the show does
not insult your intelligence and there
are more journalists than pundits and
they get that people now get news from
various sources and does not go there
and let ideology control the news,thus
keeping the facts in the mix.

CNN also needs to pick up the pace of
all of their shows. The interviews go
way to long and end up being boring.
Also, elevate the intelligence level at
the network, the news gets dumber
and dumber with CNN trying to make
stuff news that is really not news but
just a manufactured story.I always
thought the move to solo anchors
during the daytime made no sense,
what if you don't like the person who
is on for 2 hours. Maybe 2 or 3 person
anchor teams from 9-4. Get rid of
all of the silliness and goofiness it
makes you look absolutely ridiculous.
How am I suppose to take you seriously
when real news happens? I am convinced
management is not even watching the
on air product because they don't seem
to realize that CNN has some real issues.

You would think Don or TJ could
at least do the news cut-ins for
Campbell or Anderson.I can tell
you a lot of people are starting to
ask the same question about CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN= Cowardly News Network. CNN is
in free fall because it is afraid of FNC &
the right wing media machine that seems
to own CNN these days. At least MSNBC
doesn't let FNC run it's network by proxy.
The only people who care about politics
24/7 365 are partisans that is why the
numbers are dropping badly for CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN must reevaluate its content or lack of it. Some of the segments that make to air are repeats or fillers. This has been a problem on EVERY SHOW, including 360. This is lazy journalism and shouldn't go on any longer.
I also agree about the pacing. Yes,
many an interview goes on way too long with a very uninteresting guest.
Please tell me why Jesse Ventura was LK's guest host the other nite? You mean no other person was available or no one bothered to look? Purely a wasted hour, just wasted.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder, if AC hadn't pretaped his segments at the "Magic Wall," if anyone would have noticed that he was not as adept as he should be. By acknowledging this, and making it an ISSUE, and pretaping this part of his show, the viewer concentrates on his "inaccuracies" rather than what he is saying.
Is he that much of a perfectionist that he can't allow for error?
The "Magic Wall" is hardly the one thing that is bringing down the network, nor is it the only element of a really bad show, when it is at times, really bad.