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Monday, May 10, 2010

Most Influential Women in Technology's Managing Editor, Meredith Artley was named to Fast Company's list of Most Influential Women in Technology 2010. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Since the site's relaunch, CNN's newsgathering framework has had a chance to prove its viability: The devastation in Haiti forced every major news outlet to rely on short bursts of news via Twitter and first-person reports until their journalists could get there -- a way of reporting that was already equipped to handle with its breaking news blogs and iReporters. "We threw everything we had at that story, from building databases to new multimedia efforts to minute-by-minute reporting," says Artley, whose team created a Haiti earthquake topic page that collects ongoing coverage even months after the disaster.

Perhaps the most memorable part of's Haiti coverage was Anderson Cooper's on-the-ground reporting, which bounced seamlessly between streaming video and broadcast. Bringing video front and center on the site was something Artley felt strongly about. "These are big names with their interpretation of what happened," she says. "That lineup of great thinkers lets the network have more of a presence." She helped to introduce live streaming video to's homepage, which debuted by covering the media circus of the Oscar red carpet. In March, John King's new CNN show, John King, USA was simulcast using Facebook Connect, creating a solid online community for the show from its launch.

Experimenting with new ways of telling stories has also allowed to investigate some unlikely partnerships. In January, the site launched its partnership with, the video channel from the unapologetically irreverent media company Vice. This brings stories that CNN might not necessarily cover -- like retirement homes for sex workers -- to CNN's expanding young audience. Another popular video series tracks the indie band the Handsome Furs as they tour through Asia.

To read the full article: FastCompany, Most Influential Women in Technology 2010

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs promote Don Lemon, TJ Holmes
& Brooke Baldwin now. The Huffington Post
has an article about demos for CNN dayside.
Except they are giving credit to the wrong
people. Ali was not on CNN all week long
last week. The credit goes to 3 new faces
last week on CNN. Kyra had some good
numbers as well, which is way she should
be on in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I am all in favor of rotating the dayside anchors.
Obviously, they don't watch CNN or else they
would know who was actually anchoring. TJ
will obviously bring in younger demos. I think
Don is in his 40's but looks young. Too bad,
CNN will never promote TJ or Don. These are
2 people that management should have noticed
long ago but I have a feeling management does
not watch either because they would recognize
how awful it is for viewers to sit through 4 hrs
of Rick and Ali back to back.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop repeating the false notion
that only judges get on the SCOTUS. A simple
Google search would tell them that over the
years there have been many justices who were
not judges including at least a couple of chief
justices.I guess it seems to have escaped CNN
that a third of the court will now be women.
Besides is there any chance that she will not
be confirm , there are still 59 Dems. All of the
focus on liberal and conservative opinion on
the nominee is wasted time. Jeff Toobin know
a lot about the court. Heck even bring in
an SCOTUS historian. There is not need to
turn this into a yapfest.CNN needs to become
the first cable news channel to no have the
pundits in prime time.It adds zero to the
show and makes me turn the channel.
Pundits don't offer insight they offer ideology.
I am not sure CNN gets this.

Anonymous said...

News Flash to AC, and his 360: When John King and Wolf Blitzer BOTH have higher demos than you do, time to STOP the taped segments!
You can e-mail and text your pals at other times, but not during work. Your viewers are feeling neglected and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Personally I dislike Brooke Baldwin. There's something about her that does not connect with the audience and I think the word is "trust." She's too much of a "Diva" and when you turn off women viewers, it will show in the demos big time.