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Monday, May 3, 2010

The New CNN Atlanta

On Monday morning CNN rolled out its new studio set in Atlanta. Kyra Phillips had the honor of anchoring the first broadcast.
And this behind the scenes twitter picture was posted this morning by April/CNN/PR

Don Lemon caused a minor stir on Twitter Sunday night when he shared a picture of himself anchoring from the old set and said " honored to anchor the last broadcast from the place where so many great journalists sat." A few seconds later he posted "i'm not leaving. we're getting a new set.. yikes!!!!! this is the last broadcast from the old set."

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Anonymous said...

Nice set. Don lemon is in NYC filling
in for Campbell Brown.

Anonymous said...

Good. Let's hope he fills in permanently. I don't mean to be mean, but maybe he'll do a better job and they should give him a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon came in to cover the breaking news
along with Drew Griffin, Jean Meserve and people
at CNN International. Maybe after all of this time
CNN management realizes Don Lemon is a gem.
It will be interesting to see Don & Team CNN's
ratings from Sunday as well as Monday. Let's
see how the lineup of Lemon, King and Cooper
fare in the ratings. Anon 1:09 it will be interesting
to see if CNN will promote Don Lemon.

Anonymous said...

I say promote Don Lemon NOW. Promote TJ NOW. Put them together or apart but promote them while you've got them.....and while we're at it, PLEASE THINK OF SANJAY GUPTA AS THE NEXT LARRY KING. He has a following and a very nice casual demeanor and he'd bring his best to the show.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Dr. Sanjay Gupta. One thing CNN
had better do now is get Rick Sanchez off of the
air; he did it again today. Mediaite has the clip.
How much longer will CNN let Rick Sanchez make
the network a laughing stock?

Anonymous said...

Huge improvement, but can CNN now do
something about those gigantic banners.
We do need to see more of Don & TJ.CNN
really needs to rotate the anchors during
dayside.I am starting to think that there
are just certain hours when people just
will not turn to CNN and it starts with
American Morning. The show has dipped
below 300-thousand viewers..CNN really
needs to work on the format and content
of it's shows.So many programs are just
really bad and the formats are a huge
part of the problem. I don't get why CNN
will not do something about Rick Sanchez.
Why do they feel the need to humiliate
Wolf Blitzer.It is amazing, I go on CNN's
You Tube channel and I see things I
have not seen on tv. Why is this? They
have a feature on Drake, who happens
to be one of the hottest rap,singer guys
around right now. Also, a woman who
goes around the country photographing
the homeless. Why can't we see clips
featured like this through out the day
on CNN and tell us where we can see
more of this. Call the hip clip trip or
something. One huge problem that
CNN has is focusing on what did not
happen.So what didn't happen matters
more than what actually happened ?
It makes no sense. That is a problem
with old media, you get the feeling that
they are trying to scare you instead of
putting thing into perspective.CNN has
got to stop dumbing down the news.

CNN needs to the become the news &
information source for the new(s)
generation.We get our news from
multiple sources and know when we
see junk that does not matter. There
is a reason why the I-pad beat the
I-phone when comes to sales of
1 million. I have real time news in
the palm of my hands. Sadly, CNN is
using an outdated model and it needs
to change and get away from chatter
and endless talk.CNN follow the news
and not the noise.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN comments, CNN prime time has picked up, especially AC360, because its host has adopted a "new Olberman attitutde," as we saw with the Michael Brown interview. In other words, AC is STARTING TO GIVE HIS OPINION, something that is needed to jack up the ratings.
And the real Breaking News, with the oil spill and the terrorist who just happened to actually make it on to the plane, has helped CNN compete, coming in close to MSNBC totals. Good for them.