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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"The news: whether you like it or not."

Earlier this month, Time had an article about CNN's woes, CNN: Can a Mainstream News Outlet Survive? and James Poniewozik offered his own solution to the problems facing the news network:


What CNN needs, in other words, are hosts who draw authority not from being insiders or centrists but from challenging guests and calling things as they see them, even if it means braving accusations of bias. This is the strength of people like Fox's Shepard Smith, who's willing to step on conservative toes, and Jon Stewart, a liberal who has nonetheless flogged Obama. It's what CNN (and others) did after the Hurricane Katrina debacle in 2005.

CNN should focus not on both-handedness but on truth. It should let the chips fall where they may, not make sure that the chips, over time, aggregate around the middle. The slogan for my ideal CNN — or any news outlet — would be "The news: whether you like it or not."

That's what I'd like to see. Would that help CNN's ratings? Probably not. Neither have any of the other "What should CNN do?" proposals or the network's various makeovers over the past decade. But this approach would at least better serve the serious news audience — CNN's people — at a time when news is both commodified and politicized.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If a reporter is a decent interviewer this will
happen.It is called interviewing skills and
requires that the hosts actually listens to
what is being said and asking tough questions
about what the interviewee is saying. People
need to realize tv is a visual medium. If you
have people just come on and taking how is
that even interesting tv. What CNN needs to
do is have jam packed news hours of various
topics. Talk just slows things down unless
you bring someone in to face tough questions.
I am convinced these articles are missing the
point. We now live in a world where people
make their own media and are truly the
new(s) generation>CNN needs to stop
assuming that I am an idiot. I get news from
the web and tv. In this day and time people
know stuff , they don't have to wait for tv
to tell them what is going on or what to
think. The genie is out of the bottle.
Focus on bringing us interesting news.
CNN don't take advice from guys in the
newspapers. The industry is dead. They
don't know what to do to save themselves.
They are the last ones who need to be
giving advice to anyone.