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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Path to Terror

The American al Qaeda special documentary is scheduled to air on Saturday, May 15th at 8pm ET. It will reveal never before seen details about Bryant Neal Vinas, the American from Long Island, New York who became an al Qaeda terrorist.

In the first ever interview with Vinas’ best friend Alex Acevedo describes him as "lonely" but "passionate" in their high school years. At the time, neither Vinas nor Acevedo had any idea that their friendship was the first step on a path that would take Vinas to al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan, something of which Acevedo would never be a part.
CNN senior correspondent Nic Robertson and CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank spent almost a year uncovering how and why Bryant Neal Vinas went from a quiet teenager in suburbia, to a jihadist, to a high-value informant in the war on terror. Other exclusives will include the first and only interview with a man in Pakistan whom law enforcement officials tell CNN helped Vinas and is still being sought by the FBI.

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