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Saturday, May 1, 2010

White House Correspondent's Dinner/Nerd Prom

Saturday night was the big nerd prom, or as it is officially called the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Just a small, intimate event for 3,000 held this year at the Washington, DC Hilton Hotel. We managed to spot a few CNN'ers as they arrived and walked the red carpet.

Ed Henry and his fiance CNN producer Shirley Hung

Wolf Blitzer and CNN guest Randy Quaid talking with Greta Van Susteren and her husband on the red carpet.

Another of Blitzer and Quaide this time with Queen Latifa

Larry King with Jeff Probst and ?

HLN's Joy Behar and Colin Powell

Tom Foreman, Michael Douglas and ?

The typical red carpet interviews were conducted with Politico asking who are you wearing. Larry King and Ed Henry were among those talking labels.

Speaking of Ed Henry he was seated at the dais next to Jay Leno and helped in the presentation of awards.

We spotted Larry King sitting next to Jon Klein at one of the CNN tables.

There were several mentions of CNN personal during the speeches. Here's Jay Leno briefly mentioning Wolf

But the CNN moment of the night came from President Obama at Rick Sanchez's expense.

Lots of festivities led up to the big event on Saturday night.
One of the earliest parties this year was on Tuesday of this week and was hosted by Quinn Gillespie & Associates and communications firm FD International . The White House Correspondents Dinner-themed party was held at Public for 200 actual working reporters. Among them was CNN's Ed Henry who posed with a cardboard cutout of President Obama.

Saturday afternoon the WHCD Garden Party was hosted by hosted by Tammy Haddad and Ted Greenberg, Hilary Rosen, David Adler, Jim Courtovich, Alex Castellanos, Debra Lee, Steve McMahon and Franco Nuschese and held at the home of Haddad and Greenberg. We found a few pictures thanks to CNN'ers who love to Twitter.

Here's Ed Henry and Jack Grey who works for AC360

Ed Henry and Kim Kardashian

Dana Bash and actress Cheryl Hines

More images will become available in the next few days including some from the after parties. Check back for additional posts of the WHCD.

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Anonymous said...

There was plenty of breaking new son Saturday
and at times CNN dropped the ball. MSNBC broke
the news about the bomb in Times Sq courtesy
Rueters via Twitter.CNN did regroup later and
Don Lemon and Natalie Allen took us through
the night even after MSNBC and FNC went to
a replay of the Washington correspondents dinner.
CNN was very smart to stick with this all night
long. This was an act of terrorism . The amount
of breaking news on Saturday shows there is
a very strong need for a 24/7 news channel
is live a whole lot more than tape even on
weekends.CNN must be live all 24 hours of
today. Absolutely no taped programs. Alan
Chertoff did some great reporting from
Time Sq during CNN's coverage. it took a
while but CNN eventually was running on
all cylinders but you have to tip your hat

Anonymous said...

It was a funny night, but now it is time for
serious news. I stayed up all night watching
Don Lemon & Natalie Allen. All morning long
I have been watching TJ Holmes and Brooke
Baldwin. Great job for everyone involved in
CNN's coverage. i agree about Don Lemon.
I really like watching CNN on the weekends.
I know there are a lot of posts about the people
on the weekend shifts possibly someday getting
a promotion and moving to 5 days a week. I
think no one deserves this more than Don
Lemon. The only problem is who will replace
Don and the others on the weekend.I hate to
say it but they are way better than a lot of
CNN people on 5 days a week. That said
what will happen to CNN on the weekends
if all of the weekend people get promoted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Don Lemon, Natalie Allen, Tj Holmes,
Brooke Baldwin, Candy Crowley, Fredericka
Whitfield and all of the people involved in CNN's
coverage. CNN has made some mistakes by
going to taped programming. That is a major
no no with 3 major breaking news stories. You
have the car bomb in Times Square, Gulf oil
spill and the severe flooding in the South.
CNN was late getting started early this morning,
but recovered by sticking with the story all night
long after MSNBC & FNX went to tape a 3 am.
Right now MSNBC is in taped programing.
CNN please stay on the air. The guy behind
the attempted terrorist attempt in Times Square
is still out there and who knows how bad the
oil spill will turn out to be. Please keep us
informed with current details and important
information since these are 3 very important
stories that needs very extensive coverage.
Already NBC has dispatched Brian Williams
to the region and he will b e reporting form
the region on Monday.

Anonymous said...

All the weekend people should get promoted. Wasn't Obama's reference to that "jerk" name Rick Sanchez, enough to make everyone at CNN scatching their heads as to why they hired Sanchez and made him an anchor over Don Lemon and TJ?? My goodness what a stupid remark about volcanoes but it came from a very stupid person who has shown us repeatedly he knows NOTHING about geography. Why should this surprise anyone? Even the POTUS was poking fun at "THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS" DUH??
Gentlemen: When the POTUS makes fun of your day anchor, "GET RID OF HIM!!"

Anonymous said...

jon Klein was in the audience and everyone in
the room went ouch because they knew exactly
what President Obama is talking about. The info
that goes out over the airwaves with CNN these
days is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know who
is running the shop at CNN these days but they
are already blowing it with the oil spill in the
Gulf of Mexico. Already CNN keeps mentioning
Katrina. There is no reason for CNN to even be
comparing the two. First of all, nothing like this
has happened in 40 years and you are talking
about something that is 5-thousand ft deep.
The Gulf oil spill is an environmental, ecological
and economic disaster. CNN is not being
responsible yet again. This is not even like
the Exxon Valdez spill. Does anyone at CNN
get math and science, or at least get people
on the air who do. Maybe then CNN will
understand how difficult it is to reach an
oil spill that is 5,000 ft deep. Since when
did Rush Limbaugh become a news source
for CNN. Does anyone at CNN even think
about what is being said ? It matters who
you put in the anchor chair and what you
say while on the air bringing us the news.
John King also did some good work last
night with a 2 hour special edition of Larry
King. the weekend talent has done an
amazing job covering breaking news on
the weekend all year long. Surprisingly,
there has been a lot of breaking news on
the weekend. The smartest thing CNN
could do right now is to have people like
John Roberts, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer,
Anderson Cooper, Tj Holmes, John King
Candy Crowely and all of the wonderful
reporters who work for CNN on television
during a very serious news time with two
major stories that will play out for some
time to come. This is serious news, CNN
please practice journalism responsibly.
CNN really should not have Rick Sanchez
and Ali Velshi bringing us breaking news.
Kyra and Tony are okay because they
have a track record of having covered
breaking news for several hours on CNN.
People need to be able to trust what they
are seeing and hearing on CNN during this
time .CNN be a real news organization.
No antics please.

Anonymous said...

I am watching Morning Joe since AM insists
on calling the Gulf oil spill Obama's Katrina.
On MSNBC Peggy Noonan and Al Hunt , Joe
& Mika are talking about how silly this claim
is;CNN is way off base with this one.At some
point I might have to consider not watching

Anonymous said...

360 needs to be live until midnight for the
full 2 hours and CNN needs to have people
on standby for breaking news, have someone
in the studio ready to go. Let's hope CNN has
a game plan.