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Monday, June 21, 2010

CNN Parts Ways With AP

CNN announced on Monday that it will no longer use content from the Associated Press, ending a partnership that had been in place for decades.
Jim Walton, president of CNN Worldwide, said in a memo to employees that the decision to discontinue the network's use of the wire service was part of an ongoing strategy to "more fully leverage CNN's global newsgathering investments." "We will no longer use AP materials or services," Walton wrote. "The content we offer will be distinctive, compelling and, I am proud to say, our own."

AP spokesman Paul Colford said in an e-mail statement that "we have been unable to reach agreement with CNN."Colford added that it was "unfortunate" that CNN's viewers will no longer be able to access AP stories."We will continue to provide AP news to other TV networks and tens of thousands" of other media outlets, he said.

CNN has been expanding the use of its own content on different platforms since 2007.

While the move was partly a business decision, Walton stressed that it was also motivated by other reasons, including a desire to differentiate CNN from its competitors.

"It will provide consumers with the unique news and information experience they expect from CNN," Walton said. "And it will make us more creative, resourceful and collaborative journalists and news professionals."

He said the network will take steps to support the change, such as expanding CNN's own wire staff and relying more on affiliates around the world.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope this leads to CNN eventually dropping
the crawl and doing more in depth reporting.
More international news and a variety of news
stories told through various story-telling styles
and techniques that will feature original reports
from CNN, They really need to do something.
Friday's ratings were dangerously low at 7 & 8.

Anonymous said...

Finally, CNN is starting to understand how to
use social media. CNN is getting it right with
the telethon by using Facebook and Twitter. This
is exactly why CNN should have a user generated
viewer contributed news show and tie it to reports
done by CNN reporters for that day. For example,
I go to and say I submit the Holbroke
story from Afghanistan and say where I got the
story from. If it can be verified and tied to a
story possibly done by CNN that day make the
connection and make the connection with the
viewers and give a shout out to the viewers
story submissions for the hour long show.
If viewers like they can send in their photos
or use an avatar. Make it so that the is no
offensive materials allowed or stories for
political blogs that are biased.In fact I say
block the Huffington Post and others.
Fox and MSNBC would never do this.
Obviously you can use Facebook and Twitter
as well but I say since so may
people visit CNN on a daily basis. Heck
at the end of the show throw in the top
5 viral videos for the day.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jim Walton is a man of his word. This
sounds great if this is the direction that CNN
is headed. One thing CNN needs to focus on
is journalism and not hyperbole and noise.
Take for an example the explosive article set
to come out this Friday in Rolling Stone in
which General McCrystal says some things that
are going to get him canned as the commander
in Afghanistan.I can go to Alltop and find mag
and tons of information. The same goes for
Citizen Tube.CNN needs to follow the news.
CNN is getting it's butt kicked by MSNBC on
this story.CNN has to be about news and
information and intelligent discussion.
I am hoping this leads to less talk and more
content and better story selection on CNN.
Without a doubt the McCrystal story is the
biggest of the year. Rolling Stone, Vanity
Fair, Time , Sports Illustrated and others are
doing some great reporting . The Rolling
Stone people need to be on CNN and even
be the big 360 interview,