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Friday, June 25, 2010

Don Lemon Gets Answers

Michael Jackson – The Final Days debuts Friday, June 25 at 8:00pm ET & PT
Though he died a year ago, the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson are still a mix of mystery and contradictions. CNN's Don Lemon’s revealing hour allows viewers to hear directly from Tito and Jermaine Jackson about their last contact with their brother and, how they first learned of their brother’s collapse and death.

Lemon begins by pressing music producer Rodney Jerkins about reports that Jackson was too physically frail to fulfill his nine month, 50-performance THIS IS IT! engagement in London. Lemon also confirms with concert promoter Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, that Jackson had missed several rehearsals in the run up to the tour.Though they had some doubts about Jackson’s ability to manage the grueling rehearsal and performance schedule, musical director Michael Bearden, and concert tour choreographer Travis Payne, insist Jackson’s dancing and voice were both strong, that his mood was optimistic – and that Jackson’s stamina surpassed that of the dancers preparing to tour with him, many of whom were half his age.
Jermaine Jackson, who says he was unaware of the extent of his brother’s alleged drug use that other family members and friends have described, tells Lemon that there was a conspiracy to kill his brother. When Lemon asks Jermaine Jackson directly about the culpability of Michael Jackson’s last physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently standing trial accused of involuntary manslaughter, Jermaine Jackson responds with: “I think he [Dr. Murray] know[s] the players. And I think if you squeeze his hand hard enough, he would say.”
Celebrity biographer J. Randy Tamborelli tells Lemon that Jackson may have been using the anesthetic drug Propofol as long as 5 or 6 years ago. “Acute propofol intoxication,” among other conditions, is indicated as the immediate cause of death on the medical report from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Department. Jackson friend Dr. Deepak Chopra has confirmed knowledge of Jackson’s extended use of prescription drugs.
Lemon’s documentary ends with intimate reflections from Tito and Jermaine Jackson on the family’s mourning of the loss of their beloved brother, son, and friend. Viewers can also remember Michael Jackson’s life at, where they can find a photo archive and follow developments in the ongoing probe into his death.
Scott Matthews is executive producer for CNN Productions, which produced MICHAEL JACKSON – THE FINAL DAYS. Bud Bultman and Jeffery Reid are executive producers for the documentary. Stan Wilson is senior producer.

photos courtesy of Stan Wilson/CNN

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Anonymous said...

While I like Don Lemon and think he's relevant as an anchor, who is currently under used by CNN, reporting on Michael Jackson, a year after his death, is forgive me, a great big yawn.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, for Michael, we can not dwell on his death and the circumstances surrounding it. There are now more inportant environmental issues to contend with, with the catastrophic conditions in the Gulf, and the fact that it never seems to end.
Last year he was news, if only because we had crystal, clear water and our food supply wasn't being threatened. We have our priorities.