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Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgia Southern University to Host Political Consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin

Georgia Southern University will welcome political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin to campus on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. The 7 p.m. event at Hanner Fieldhouse is free and open to the public.

"This event is for anyone who enjoys spirited political conversation," said Teresa Thompson, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management. "James Carville and Mary Matalin will be on our campus just six weeks before the mid-term elections. Politics, and political strategy, will be among the topics dominating news headlines this fall. This is the perfect time for our students to hear from two top political consultants, one Democrat and one Republican, who spent years in the campaign trenches."

Carville, a Democrat who ran President Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992, and Matalin, a Republican who ran President George H.W. Bush's re-election campaign that same year, are a married couple whose wildly differing political views have made them sought-after guests on political news programs for nearly two decades. The pair co-wrote the best selling book All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President that chronicled the 1992 presidential campaign. Both are known for their steadfast loyalty to their parties and ideals, and for their quick-witted political humor.

"At Georgia Southern University, we believe an important part of education is providing our students the opportunity to hear from leaders with different views and life-experiences," said Thompson. "James Carville and Mary Matalin are engaging, passionate speakers and advocates for their political parties. They are also terrific examples to our students who prove you can have differing viewpoints on important issues"and engage in some fairly heated debate"but still walk away with your relationship in tact. That is a lesson that will serve our students well while they are in college and for the rest of their lives."

James Carville serves as a Professor in Practice at Tulane University. In addition to his political campaign work in the U.S. and abroad, Carville is a frequent contributor to CNN and co-hosts Sirius XM radio's 60/20 Sports show. He is a best selling author, actor, and political speaker. Carville is also one of the founders of Democracy Corps, which is an independent, non-profit polling organization.

Mary Matalin is editor-in-chief of Threshold editions, which is a division of Simon &Shuster. Matalin is a CNN political contributor who has also hosted her own political radio talk show and served as host of the television show Equal Time, which she co-founded. Matalin's 2004 book Letters to My Daughters made the New York Times and Washington Post's best-seller lists. Matalin and Carville will serve as co-chairs of the host committee for the 2013 Superbowl, which will be played in the Louisiana Superdome.


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