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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday CNN

And what a year it was for the new news network. President Carter lost his re-election attempt, there was the Love Canal Emergency the U.S. boycotted the Olympics, there was an Iran hostage crisis, Mount St. Helens erupted, Cuba halted its 'freedom flotilla' and John Lennon was assassinated.
Here's a clip from the opening few minutes of that first broadcast:

And the commercial announcing the new venture:

To read more and see more early videos follow this link to the CNN Interactive site.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Jim Walton gets CNN back to it's roots.
Don't tell me people want to be entertained
with 360 being CNN's top show. The repeat
at 11 was # 1 in the demo.TVN says Anderson
is in the Gulf all week. I noticed that Brian
Williams is back and ABC has dispatched
some of it's top people. Anderson needs to
step up his game. The best thing I saw today
was ABC. In the beginning Diane Sawyer started
with the facts and then the show went on to
different angles. People want to see and hear
what is going on now CNN. This is not about
Katrina. Right now you can see the work
being done to cup the pipe and that is where
I hope 360 begins tonight. There is an
audience for news, raw reporting and
pictures you won't see anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to have their people embedded
with as many people as possible all around the
Gulf region. No limits reporting should be the
theme for CNN. No more of we hear from all
sides.3 words video, video and video,That is
the purpose of television.

Anonymous said...

"Don't tell me people want to be entertained," by the news. I will tell you that. Just because 360 beat a repeat of the big O on a Friday, means nothing. It was a REPEAT and this is news that is new and important so viewers are tuned in.
If you want to get a fair sense of what people are thinking who are OBJECTIVE, follow the comments on TVN. They do not fawn over AC and although I don't always agree with them, they make up a large majority of WHO watches cable news and its demos.
I do agree that AC needs "to step up his game." Until he tops one million, as they say in good English, It "DON'T" count.

Anonymous said...

Good 360 tonight let's see what happens
this week. John Roberts was on at 8 tonight.
Campbell even coming back? CNN should
do what works for CNN. I may be in the
minority here, I don't like any of the 8 pm
shows, they are all way too predictable.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of John Roberts, who I did catch at 8PM, what is with him?
He looks gaunt. His face is thin and his hair is thinner. You would think being engaged to Kyra would help his demeanor.

Anonymous said...

CNN does not need to have people embedded near the Gulf. The POTUS needs to have HIS people embedded near the Gulf and give us back some of his know the campaign style inspiration, before it's too late for NOLA and too late for him.

Anonymous said...

CNN please don't compare the Gulf oil spill
to Iran hostage crisis. Americans was held
captive after radicals stormed the US embassy
in Teheran.It is time for the analogies to end.
There is no comparison to the Gulf oil crisis ;
this has never happened before. Also, when
going to video,map or graphics can CNN just
have the CNN logo and nothing else.It is fine
to have the BP live feed while in the studio
but CNN needs to quit interfering with video
and maps. The on air look is vital to bring
in viewers. I want to protest losing a quarter
of my tv screen because of intrusive graphics.
Anderson is this generations news man.
Hipsters know what is going on so they
know just how much the news is missing.
CNN will never beat FNC or MSNBC by
trying to be them.CNN needs to find their
Steve Jobs now and come up with some
better shows.

Anonymous said...

Here are some names who can help CNN
reinvent itself with their journalistic style.
Marianna Van Zeller who is without a doubt
a younger version of Christianne Amanpour.
If you don't believe me take a look at her
current doc for Current TV on gays in Uganda.
It embodies the kind of journalism that needs
to be spotlighted on a daily basis on CNN.
Hire Van Zeller and her Vanguard colleagues
Adam Yamaguchi,Christof Putzel and Kaj
Larsen. They chase down stories that you
will not see anywhere else. Yamaguchi is
the environmental guy.He has an interesting
doc coming up on a shortage of toilets
around the world that is creating some
real problems.TSR is supposed to be
old and new media. All of these new
breed journalists would fit well with Wolf
and even Ancerson. After all, AC did
travel the world for stories for ABC
in the 90's, The thing is these are fresh
faces who can bring a lot to the plate
and provide CNN with a wealth of material.
I doubt if Current has the money to really
make this something big and they do
have a following , but a network like
CNN is better for them. CNN would have
to give them the freedom to tell their
stories. Vanguard is the most compelling
doc series in ages. If you don't believe
me take a look at their work for Current.
If it is interesting people will watch.
CNN needs a game changer.I don't know
if Jim Walton is aware of their work but
he should be.

Anonymous said...

This may have been a mistake, but something tells me it's not.
According to TVN, LKL is being repeated at 11PM and not AC360. This could be a blow to Cooper whose show was always given the 2 hour slot and just recently beat O'Reilly in repeats in the demos.
Looks like CNN IS trying a new stradegy.
Congratulations to Wolf Blitzer for being the only show in the non prime time lineup to have an increase in ratings.
Poor Rick's list lost what he never audience.