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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kyra Phillips Reports Live From the Gulf

After weather forced them off the deck Kyra continued her report via phone with Drew Griffin.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see more of Kyra. She was
actually embedded with the USCG and will
have exclusive video. If you don't chase
stories you will not find them. Let's hope
Kyra is on 360 tonight.CNN needs to really
concentrate on reporting and news gathering.
Give us countless amount of video and sound.
Your television is absolutely useless without
video. People watch tv for the visual experience.
I really hope that CNN comes up with a series
or segment highlighting just this sort of thing
that Kyra is doing.Go full screen with video
and a media bar in place of the crawl. I
don't care if it runs 5, 10 or 20 minutes,
let it breathe. CNN has some shows on for
3 or 2 hours and you telling me they can't
do this. Call it just what it is embedded.
I also like that this is live streaming and
that is the future. You don't have to wait
to feed video ; this can be sent back to
your computer live.I am willing to bet that
CNN has a way to upload video and any
stories they are shooting out in the field.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though it was a little bit easier for Kyra to "chase this story," since she had some sort of
friendly relationship with Thad Allen since Katrina, at least that's what she told AC on 360.
I find it odd that of all the journalists now engaged in this story at CNN, that only SHE would be allowed on the rig.
As the saying goes "it's all who you know."

Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon for people to reach out
to journalists they trust and is exactly why
people end up with exclusives. Last night's
360 shows why you need a scientist,engineer
or someone who can explain what is going on
and can put into perspective how difficult the
situation is. This is 5 thousand ft underwater.
It is a very slow process and if you get it wrong
you make matters worse the same thing goes
for these sand dredges. You are still messing
with the habitant of these animals.CNN is
focusing on emo and not the science and that
is a huge mistake.It is not that simple.CNN
is not doing a good job at putting things
into perspective. In a middle of a disaster
you don't have a lot of time to babysit the
media. You are too busy trying to analyze
what is happening. Before you can say
something you have to analyze the data
over a period of time, you don't get results
immediately.360 should have booked
someone who can explain the capping
operation. Message to 360 book people
who can offer insight and do something
of value rather than ranting. This is a
complex, complicated and tedious matter.
CNN needs to quit trying to hide what
does not fit their narrative. I guess that
is why they are not giving us a lot of
Kyra, she was out there for 48 hours and
we have not seen much from her.CNN
is dissing the Coast Guard, the engineers
and others who are working to solve this
crisis by just putting people come on the
air who make charges that nothing is
being done.CNN is not giving us the
full picture and is letting emotions get
in the way of having great coverage.
CNN has wrongly let James Carville
highjack their coverage and become
the face of the story. Can you say lazy
journalism. It is no effort to book your
own pundits to come on the air and rant.
Don't they do that everyday anyway.

Don't get me wrong, Anderson Cooper,
Sanjay Gupta. Kyra Phillips,Gary Tuchman,
and David Mattingly. Rob Marciano,
Reynolds Wolf and others are doing some
great reporting. The problem is how all
of this is being presented by CNN. One
thing they did get right last night was
letting Dr. Gupta anchor their coverage
after the Larry King rerun live.

CNN needs to realize their is an audience
for the documentaries that Gupta did this
week. He might have finished 4th in
viewers but he was ahead of Countdown
in the demo. That says something about
the possibilities of a Nightline type series
at 8 live each night.I know these efforts
can be time consuming and you must
permit production time to put it all
together. Hey you have to do something
with Campbell's staff.CNN has anchors,
reporters, producers, writers, etc. Let
the people on your staff have the opportunity
to really do their jobs without confinement
and show us what you capture. People
can tell when things are heavily edited
and censored.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN is not treating the oil spill as the
worst oil spill in US history. 360 ratings were
not up for the hour with news breaking about
the top cap.CNN owes the Coast Guard and
the engineers who had nothing to do with this
disaster a huge apology. Their task is to find
a solution for something that we have never
seen before..CNN should never have allowed
the pundits to be a part of a huge news story.
From day one CNN has been trying to make
this a political story when it is actually a whole
lot more. How can you not lead with Kyra
on 360 last night. Didn't she interview the
people involved in the cap operation.CNN
has let some of the dumbest stories ever
go out on the air with regards to this story.
The Iranian hostage crisis. Give me a break
I know people who say they will no longer
watch AM because of this. There is no
connection between the 2 stories.. Something
is clearly wrong with CNN. This is a science
experiment. Of course you don't know how
it will turn out. the pundits are going to
take CNN right over the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kyra Phillips should be considered as
a possible replacement for Campbell Brown.
It may not be a bad idea for CNN to go with
a Nightline type news show at 8.Nightline
beat Leno and Leno last week by 1 million
viewers.A series that involves in depth reports
and features. Their numbers for 18-49 yr old
are unbelievable for a news show.

Anonymous said...

During the 7 pm hr CNN had a full report
from Kyra. It is the style of reporting that
CNN should embrace. It began with Kyra
explaining her story and taking you along
on her assignment. It even displayed the
times of each event she was witnessing.
She was taking viewer and a journey and
was bringing viewers into the experience.
Amazing work from Kyra & her crew.
CNN has to do more of this as means of
viewers virtually experiencing the news.