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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Rick Sanchez and Barbara Starr talk with Michael Hastings in his first interview about his in-depth article on Gen. Stanley McChrystal for Rolling Stone Magazine. Hastings called into Rick’s List from Kandahar today to talk about the controversy his article generated as Gen. McChrystal is called back to Washington, DC.

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Anonymous said...

Barbara Starr kept CNN from looking totally
ridiculous during the interview. Why in the
world did Rick Sanchez try and make it seem
as though the Rolling Stone reporter was doing
gotcha journalism. Rolling Stone has a young
readership and Rolling Stone does hard news.
Why is it such a problem for CNN to do real
journalism. That's right CNN will not hire
journalists. If you are a partisan CNN is the
place for you.

Phebe said...

I have to agree with you that Barbara Starr asked the tough questions. Hastings taped an interview with Anderson Cooper this afternoon that will air on AC360 tonight.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Starr is a perfect example of an older woman who knows her job, and does it well. CNN is lucky to have her reporting on and from the Pentagon, something Rick Sanchez knows nothing about. Actually, we could write an entire book entitled "Things Rick Sanchez Knows Nothing About," but there would be too many volumes.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for the executive editor of
Rolling Stone to replace Jon Klein? At least
you would have someone who knows what
news means and could give CNN that edgy
style they need. The 360 interview was good.
Hastings believes they wanted him to report
this and I have to agree with that. They had
an agenda and the reporter got the best of
the general and his staff.CNN hire Eric Bates.
I have always enjoyed Rolling Stone, they have
had some big ones lately : Goldman Sachs, BP
and now the General McChrystal.I admire
RS for letting him spend that much time
on the story. Eric Bates told Wolf there is
more to come.I think Rick was upset that
Hastings is a really good journalists and
knows his stuff.At some point CNN bosses
will have to wake up with regards to Rick
Sanchez and drop the goofy show.