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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of May 31st

1-Ratings based on three nights of regular programming.
2-Ratings based on four nights of regular programming.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Larry improved by having some really good
guests and CNN even had more than 200
thousand in the demo at 8 and the demo
was up for 360 as well. Interesting Don
Lemon is on tonight subbing for Campbell.

Anonymous said...

CNN apparently has figured out that Soledad's
doc meeds to be on at 8 and they moved the
program up an hour earlier.At the end of the
2nd hour of 360 they played a clip from the
doc. Soledad has a couple of very interesting
docs coming on this month.CNN needs to get
away from the pundits and ideology. This year
shows there is no need for pundits. Rachel had
an entire segment last night on how the media
has backed itself into a corner when it comes
to the off year election. The pundits keep
trying to make everything fit a narrative
that just is not true. Last week the docs
made a difference for CNN at 8 last week.
I wonder if management gets this.Oh who
am I kidding, probably not.CNN needs to
elevate the conversation just like Maddow
and Morning joe. That is exactly why their
shows are gaining viewers at CNN's expense.
CNN seems to be leaving out an important
fact to the Obama quote. It is being taken
out of context. CNN really needs to play
the entire clip with the question from
Matt Lauer. There is a mix on this on
Daily Expresso.Also the opening of Rick's
List yesterday said Ed Markey was a
senator twice. Not true, Markey is in
the House. Instances like this make people
think that CNN is being fast and loose
with the facts.CNN needs to reaize that
now days people just Google and you
are busted .

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart had something to say about this
last night. People just are not into the primaries
like cable news. Why would CNN give an hour
to the pundits who are now irrelevant because
of political blogs. Just this morning, CNN has
2 pundits on talking about women and the GOP
and MJ has Bradley Cooper.Go Soledad O'brien.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC ratings went up once they dropped
the pundits.By the way CNN Nightline was
embedded and got video of oily birds being
rescued. I think CNN has maligned so many
people that folks just don't want to talk to
CNN. The network is doing a disservice to
the people in the Gulf. 11 people died and
CNN has completely ignored this in their
coverage. What is the point of having 2
of your own pundits complain on a daily

Anonymous said...

@11:19PM It is unfair to say that CNN ignored the 11 people that died.
360 has spent the entire week speaking to the victims families.
What is unfair is that that CNN/360sat on their rears, waiting and watching the catastrophe from afar, until day 40. What in heavens name were they waiting for? They had to get the good shot of the REALLY OILY BIRDS DRIPPING AND DYING, before they sent their crews to cover this!

Anonymous said...

The problem with CNN is that they are not
talking to experts and people who can put
things into perspective. Many feel the media
as a whole needs to be a better job. There
just does not seem to be a high public interest
in this story and a lot of people are saying it
is because of the media coverage.So often you
are getting rhetoric and not facts. Name one
CNN program that says these are the facts.
Sadly, with the World Cup people are likely
to lose more interest not to mention two
big movies are coming out this weekend
with The A-Team and the Karate Kid.
There has to be a reason why this story
is not resonating could it be there is not
much real reporting but more opinion.
This is not the time for opinion with so
much being at stake.I want more real
people stories and that seems to a
big portion of what is being missed
big time by the media.

Anonymous said...

CNN did not do to bad last night.
When was the last time CNN had
300 thousand in the demo. 360
needs to be live from Arkansas.
Since Anderson was in LA it is
not that far away for CNN crews.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see AM hire people like Toure
Douglas Cabe,,ero or Jael de Pardo. AM needs
to bring music, the arts and pop culture into
the mix now that they have added sports.
Maybe CNN should have different shows on
each night a 9 like the networks. The problem
for CNN is they just make bad choices. CNN
never knew what to do with Campbell Brown.
One minute the show was this. Next something
else.It is ironic that the documentaries are
doing better than regular programs at 8.
Good shows are needed not ideology.

Anonymous said...

It is not ironic that documentaries are doing better than regular shows at long as Soledad narrates them. She is excellent and very underused and unappreciated. She should be hired by 60 Minutes and not that mindless Laura Logan who's only claim to fame, so far, has been that she had two affairs and broke up a marriage while she was covering Iraq. Guess things got boring for her.