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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Views on the News, June 12, 2010

If you've got an opinion on the latest CNN speculation we'd love to hear it.

Friday's NYP is reporting:

"CNN is talking to snarky British journalist Piers Morgan about a potential slot in its troubled prime-time lineup, sources said."

"Morgan, a judge on NBC's "America's Got Talent" and across the pond on "Britain's Got Talent," is a friend of Simon Cowell's and the former editor of Britain's Daily Mirror.

Cowell's SYCO TV produces the talent contests. Morgan gained US notoriety as a winner of "Celebrity Apprentice." Sources tell The Post's Claire Atkinson that Morgan is now discussing a possible panel show at CNN, which has been battered by plunging ratings and is searching for a new identity.

The Time Warner-owned cable network has hemorrhaged viewers to Fox News Channel and even lost some to its own sibling service, HLN. There's a talent drain as well: CNN recently lost Christiane Amanpour to ABC's "This Week" and Gerri Willis to Fox Business Network.

CNN currently has Campbell Brown's 8 p.m. slot open -- although a source said the network is also sounding out possible replacements for "Larry King Live." King's audience fell 43 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2009.

In recent days, disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer -- who's been appearing on MSNBC discussing politics -- has also been reported in talks about a possible role at CNN.

One veteran news executive speculated that Time Warner would likely give CNN's US president, Jonathan Klein, six more months and one last opportunity to boost prime time before seeking fresh blood.

"They know if nothing's working, they've got to blow it up," said one source.

A CNN rep said, "We always decline to comment on speculation."

In related news the Washington Examiner also said that Eliot Spitzer is closer than ever to joining the network for an new Crossfire type program:

"Eliot Spitzer is being considered for a panelist position on a "Crossfire"-type show set to replace Campbell Brown's prime-time spot on CNN.

We hear from a CNN insider that President Jon Klein, a friend of Spitzer, is in the process of drawing up a contract for the former governor of New York.

Insiders also are buzzing about "The Rachel Maddow Show" executive producer Bill Wolff, whose name has been tossed around to lead the show.

CNN is continuing not to comment. Spitzer and Wolff did not respond to multiple calls and e-mails for comment. An MSNBC spokesperson did not respond, as well."

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Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed that HLN is not using
the news crawl today and not using the banner
at times and bumping with news headlines
going to commercial with just a sentence.
CNN could learn a lot from it's litter sister,
First there is buzz about Elliot Spitzer and
now this. I guess if you are a journalist don't
apply for a job at CNN. What happens if there
is breaking news and CNN has to go with
an entertainment show. Here comes another
bad show courtesy CNN management.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as long as this is under people are talking, I did take the time to write a post yesterday criticizing CNN's star journalist.
I didn't feel it was out of order or disrespectful. What I wrote was my opinion, but it was ALL TRUE.
I will repeat it: While the 360 team is receiving accolades for doing a superb job in Haiti, they waited 40 days to get off their rears to go down to the Gulf while
STUDIO ANDERSON played games with his live audience. Check the timing.
That is exactly what AC was doing after April 20th, because someone didn't think that the explosion was a big enough story and not enough wildlife was dead and dying.
I do not know that it was his decision, but it is not relevant. The fact remains that CNN WAITED 40
days before it sent, or AC demanded to go, down to the Gulf.
No accolades should be awarded this non-effort, or any other outlet for that matter. ALL OF CABLE NEWS missed the boat on this one, and I didn't mean this as a pun.
It's easier to report weather. It is harder to report something out of control and unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

This is not about Anderson Cooper. It is about
what CNN will do for the 8pm hr.AC is the only
thing that CNN has going for it now. CNN is
about to make a huge mistake by not having
a female headline a show in prime time. 52 %
of the US population are women. CNN should
hire Marianna Van Zeller. She goes to hot spots
all around the world and bring us news stories
that I have never seen anywhere else.CNN
should get her to do a new show featuring
backpack journalists.CNN really can wait
until September to come up with a new
show at 8. Heck they even have Abby
Bodreaux who just won an award for
journalists under 35. You have millions
of people who now create their own media.
They will no longer go to tv but the web
and social media. a lot of these people
are between the ages 0f 18-49.They
just can't relate to cable news in it's
current form. They agree with Jon Stewart
and Conor Knighton about just how ridiculous
cable news is these days and does nothing
but insult people's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Here's is something CNN could do right away.
Have a viewer-generated news show on each
night during the summer. Let CNN viewers
submit legitimate news items and interesting
video and stories that people come across
each day.No ideology just the news created
by viewers. Call it something like Get Your
News On. Old media can learn a lot from new
media.I use Twitter to find news not follow
people and even CNN has a You Tube channel,
which is pretty good by the way.I for the life
of me can't understand why CNN does not
have lives steaming of 360 on the internet.
I would be able to watch 360 on the Ipad.
I really don't understand why Dr. Gupta's
doc is only coming on during the weekend.
Gupta did alright last time around and
Soledad as well and no one is thinking
we've got something here.CNN needs to
be more diversified in it'g programming.
News, be it national and international,
video, video and video, as much as you
can see, sports, weather. Technology,
music, pop culture and the arts,
trailers for movies and video games
run in full.I can't believe that CNN does
not have Josh Levs put together a list
of viral videos during the day that can
be used at the end of their prime time
shows.CNN needs to bring new media
people into their management team
There are writers, artists, filmmakers,
musicians and others who take to the
web to get discovered.Rolling Stone
has some of the best journalism on the
planet and it is a music mag.CNN had
a feature a while back of the guy's who
song is being used as the theme song
for the World Cup and now when you
go on Itunes there he is and you can
download the song. Enough of left
vs right and the same old back and
forth. My response is and. We know
what it is going to be so why watch.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago we posted something on a
viewer-generated news show on CNN. We
did leave out one thing that is essential.
The stories submitted by viewers will be tied
to reports from people at CNN. Take for example
the World Cup. Say I submit the US and Britain
tie in World Cup game. The anchor would toss
to video of the goal that tied it all and go to
something from Pedro Pinto who is covering
the event for CNN.It all has to be connected
to make it interesting.

Anonymous said...

It is no secret that CNN has issues with
having females cover breaking news.
That is exactly why MSNBV is going with
Chris Jansing, who was one of their most
popular anchors.,CNN is doing serious
damage to the company and it's brand.
There are some really bad show ideas
leaking out in the press that leaves one
shaking their head going what in the

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of the tech people on CNN. I like
Mario Armstrong and Katie, who comes on
with Don. love the glasses and she is really
funny and smart/ Getting them to do a show
with Josh Levs and Errol Barnett for a viewer
generated news show may not be a bad thing.
CNN also has to do real time news and streaming.
360 should be live on the blog as well as on tv.
I am wondering if the crawl drop on HLN is
a signal about CNN. The word is CNN will
drop AP and go with it's on wire service.
I really hope that the Elliot Spitaer and Piers
Morgan rumors are not true.Morgan was
the editor for a couple of British tabloids.
Neither of these would be a good move for
CNN. I am starting to wonder if there is
not some sort of campaign to hoodwink CNN
into doing some very stupid things.CNN
can and needs to do better.

Anonymous said...

TV by the Numbers has the ratings for Friday.
It was a bad one for CNN. Breaking news
happened with the Arkansas flooding and
CNN 's ratings were low. It matters who you
put in the anchor chair and credibility is also
important. Right now I would have to say
MSNNC is outsmarting CNN and doing a
better job at news by using reporters and
people who know what they are taking about
for the important news stories. while CNN is
trying to make the pundits reporters. Can
CNN really think their viewers are that dumb?
MSNBC is trying to elevate the conversation
because they know that is what CNN viewers
miss. CNN was once above the silliness and
actually tried to be intelligent and insightful.
How did they even go down this road?
Has anyone thought about actually doing
a news show that you can sit and watch
with your kids? Sort of like In the News
that used to come on CBS on Saturdays.
I have friends who are parents who say they
can't let their kids watch the news.

Anonymous said...

Again totally wonderful news for CNN. Piers Morgan from Trump's Apprentice fame may be the next sit-in for Campbell.
I'm totally turned off by him. He reminds me of Tony Hayward, including the British accent. What an absolutely terrible time to hire someone British. Leave it to CNN to hire someone arrogant and unlikeable.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting a rough road for Obama when he addresses the Nation tomorrow nite.
This does not surprise me in the least. Our Commander in Chief waited almost as long as the media to give the oil disaster, his utmost attention. Had it not been for the Wildlife Associations and the Conservationists, and the Republicans, just watching to see how quickly he'd get his act together, he probably would still be sitting in the White House....thinking about this challenging situation and looking at it from every angle possible, before deciding it was time to respond.

Anonymous said...

Okay I was just on TVn and they say that CNN
will be paying Piers Morgan 8 mil.CNN need
look no farther than Current Tv or fresh new
faces in journalism. Current recently cut it's
staff because in 4 years they did not make
any profits. Since they did not have 30 minute
shows it was hard to get ratings so the new
brand of journalism bit the dust and some
real good talent were let go. Some are still
with the network : the Vanguard people,
Adam Yamaguchi,Christof Putzel, Kaj Larsen.
When it comes to Kaj remember the video
for waterboarding. Kaj is the journalists who
did that. The man is a former navy seal &
a Harvard grad. Then there is Marianna
Van Zeller. Would CNN hire these people
and give them the freedom to do their
style of journalism without any boundaries.
Next up is the Informania crew fronted by
Conor Knighton. Also appearing on the
show with Conor is Brett Erlich who does
a really funny segment called viral video
film school in edition to being a co-host
for their movie show Rotten Tomatoes.
Erlich is also good with talking about
politics.If CNN wants to spice up John
King , USA he would be great. Brett
wrote a song for HRC when she dropped
out of the race. There is a segment
called modern woman, I forget her name
right now. There is Sergio Chilli who does
the music segments and Ben Hoffman who
does tech and comentary. Esquire calls it
the Daily Show's kid brother. Thing is
Infomania looks at and pokes fun at the
media> I really think Knighton would be
great successor to Larry King and it a
great combination of intelligence mixed
with snark and he will have you laughing
at the absurdity in the media. Then there
is the team of Jason Silva & Max Lugavere
who are filmmakers who made a doc that
caught the attention of Current execs
when they were in college in Florida.
There are others who I think were let go
when Current cut staff. They are : Angela
Sun who does sports stuff like surfing
and x sports.Jael Pardo who focuses on
pop culture, art and fashion. There were
once a couple of guys who hosted a
nightly news show called Current Tonight:
Rawley Valverde and Derrick Cook.
Along with Nzinga Blake and Douglas
Caballero. The rumors are that David
Neuman the man who fronted this
ambitious goal was let go in favor of
a former MTV executive. I don't think
any of these people would cost millions
and you could easily get more bang for
your bucks.CNN could find a way to
incorporate old and new and come up
with an entirely unique news experience
that does not exist and could be a
potential gold mine.I will keep posting
the list hoping Jon Klein or someone in
CNN management will see this. CNN is
my favorite news channel and there
is a need for the network. I just hope
they don't throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

Here's another idea for the 8PM slot. Skip Piers Morgan, and just hire Tony Hayward. This way the least watched channel CNN, will now have the most hated man globally, anchoring opposite the most watched anchor in Cable News,
Bill O'Reilly. Now that would make interesting television.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell CNN that this is an
underwater oil spill and it can not be treated
like a norma oil spill. CNN needs to stop with
the misinformation that this can be easily
contained by usual methods.CNN is just lets
the people who rant come on and not focus
on the actual facts. Anderson keeps complaining
at BP not coming on his show , well Mr. Cooper
were are the people from USCG who you bash
daily who are working to save the Gulf or the
scientists who are working to solve the problem.
360 is very one-sided and keeping people off
the program who would dispute some of what
is being said. Anderson needs to challenge
some of the local leaders as well and just
not go where they take you. How come no
one is setting out to get the full story ? I
have a feeling the ratings for 360 will not
be that good for last night. 360 was nothing
but 1 hour of bashing last night and no
reporting.I thought 360 did not take sides.
It is clear they don't want anything on CNN
that would put their narrative to shame.
CNN is the censorship news network.
360 needs to get back to being factual.
Anderson basically said that BP and the
government are working together to
mislead the public. That was over the
top. Maybe he should have really listened
to Kevin Costner the other night. Costner
told him people are working on stuff
that the media does not know about.
Of course no one wants to talk to CNN
al they will do is take everything out
of context and make accusations.

Anonymous said...

CNN would flunk math as well. This is the
largest oil well in the western hemisphere
and was capable of producing 100,000
barrels a day. It is also a mile deep.Looking
at how events unfolded today with regards
to BP CNN looks really stupid and the pundits
are wrong again and CNN thinks this is the
future. I really don't understand why CNN is
trying to make it seem as though President
Obama is a failure. The man seems to be
accomplishing a lot of things and they
keep trying to say he is a failure. CNN has
not credibility. The problem is that right
from the beginning CNN tried to make a
man made disaster a political story. It is
not .CNN needs to really get a science,
technology and environmental team,.
I don't know maybe the numbers are too
big for them to understand so just go
to a conversion chart to see how many
ft make a mile or how massive a 100,000
gallon oil spill actually is. For goodness
sake just google it.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world was Campbell Brown back in person at 8PM? I thought she left for good. She seemed angry, and out of sorts. If she's going to come on with an attitude, she should just resign for good. It makes the viewer uncomfortable.