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Friday, July 23, 2010

All Things Piers?

It seems we've been devoting an inordinate amount of space and time lately to Piers Morgan and here we go again.....

The LA Times reported that the sticking point of CNN's negotiations with Piers was not money but NBC. As we reported a few weeks back a British site said Morgan had signed a 30 week contract with CNN. That made us wonder what CNN's plans were for LKL's time slot the other 22 weeks of the year. We still don't know that answer, but thanks to the LAT we know that Piers will be back at the America's Got Talent judges desk during his off time from CNN.

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Tedi B said...

I read that headline and threw up a little in my mouth. Geez, If this happens I'm so dreading it. Why don't they just put Joy Beher on CNN? She does good on HLN.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling this is a trial period for Piers and hopefully his 13 week stint will prove fatal.
Just his first name alone, bothers me.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Joy Behar should replace Larry King. It has already been said that Ryan Seacrest and Katie Couric won't do it. It's simple! If CNN MUST hire Piers Morgan, have him replace Joy Behar on HLN, and have Joy Behar move over to CNN and replace Larry King. She's very smart on interviewing whether it's entertainment news, ordinary people, or politics. Period. Piers Morgan isn't official yet to CNN and I'm hoping he won't be official. I have not seen ONE positive thing about him online as a possible Larry King replacement. However the Spitzer/Parker show is now official which should be interesting. I've mentioned in a previous post that CNN might move John King USA to weekends because it isn't doing well, making the Situation Room go back to 3 hours AND I would love to see CNN Tonight return with Soledad O'Brien as host following AC360°. I don't like how the second hour of AC360° is a repeat of the first hour. This is how CNN's Primetime schedule should look like:
5PM-8PM - The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
8PM-9PM - Spitzer/Parker Show
9PM-10PM - Joy Behar Live
10PM-11PM - Anderson Cooper 360°
11PM-12AM - CNN Tonight with Soledad O'Brien
12AM-6AM - CNN International instead of reruns.

Anonymous said...

CNN belongs to CNN, not viewers. So CNN choose anyone they like, viewers watch their favourite channels. Will switch channel. One viewer doesnt mean anything. Guess CNN will still be fine, just not a real CNN that used to be my favourite.

Anonymous said...

If this weeks event does not make clear to CNN
the route they need to take, nothing ever will.
I think one of the anchor teams they should
consider is Rob Marciano & Amber Lyon.

Anonymous said...

@1:37AM: I like your thinking. Your schedule makes some sense. If only CNN WOULD LOOK.

Anonymous said...

I think I figured out why there are repeats on Friday and it doesn't take a genius to do it. Money. It's cheaper to have a rerun and get the same results than pay a live anchor and have poor ratings and no matter how Klein spins the "profitability of CNN, the Network," it has to be losing money. You can't attract sponsors if your ratings are poor.
ABC is cutting back and I read somewhere that so is MSNBC and they do repeat shows.
And I hate to say this, but if star journalists want big bucks, they may be in for a surprise down the road.
Spitzer came cheap. If he delivers, well renegotiating could be in the air.