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Friday, July 30, 2010

Green iReporter

The Gothamist recently had a little bit of fun with CNN's iReport...

Meet CNN's Newest Reporter: Ted

CNN has been going through some growing pains lately; between Larry King's retirement and Octavia Nasr's mis-tweet, as well as previously losing Lou Dobbs and Christine Amanpour, CNN has parted ways with a lot of talent, and is desperate for new blood (see also: Eliot Spitzer).

So when the FDNY had their busiest week in almost 30 years during last week's heat wave, they turned to their newest, finest, greenest iReporter, Ted, for coverage of the 4-alarm East Village fire last week.

Apparently, this was Ted's first hard news assignment. He was back to his usual entertainment beat the next day, interviewing Lady Gaga fans outside of Rockefeller Center.

Source: Meet CNN's Newest Reporter: Ted, Gothamist, July 11, 2010

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