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Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Yorker: Snapped Cable

Nancy Franklin wrote a piece for the August 2nd edition of The New Yorker that looks at what has gone wrong with CNN. Here's an excerpt:

CNN is now perceived to be a loser, not just quantitatively but qualitatively, overshadowed by two loudmouth networks, one partisan by calculation, the other by imitation. CNN has tried to carry on as a genuine news outlet, but something’s not working.

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Anonymous said...

It is now official Jon Klein has officially ruined
CNN. Now they are behind MSNBC in the demo
during the day. CNN should never have removed
women from the day schedule and now they did
the same thing in prime time and Rick's List is
a total flop.CNN it is your shows and content.
Your viewers expect CNN to do news and not
talk. Maybe now CNN understands Rick's List
is a bad show and seems to be doing worst for
the hour than Campbell Brown. CNN is suppose
to be a real news channel and not a knockoff
of MSNBC or Fox. What does it take for the
suits to see that Jon Klein can't fix CNN, he
is only making matters worse. CNN needs to
ditch the Spitzer and Piers Morgan ideas now
before it is too late. I think the Spitzer hire
was the last straw. People are tired of waiting
for CNN to get it's act together.

Anonymous said...

It's been one bad idea after another, but IMHO, the worst hire, is Piers Morgan. Spitzer has garnered some respect over the years governing NY State and he has been on shows, such as Bill Maher, and has shown some wit and intellect. Morgan has shown nothing, and he's an import to make matters even worse. If one needs to be dropped it's the latter.
But Klein has proven to be stubborn and until someone shows him the door, the viewers are the one who will ultimately suffer.
Rick, was stumbling all over himself tonite, and I didn't stay with the program that long. My guess is, he saw his ratings in prime. Another big fat mistake. Oops, did I say fat? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

CNN has forgotten that television is a visual
medium. The suit should turn the network
over to it's people and stop it with the left
vs right mentality. Who cares what the pundits
think ? It is not forward thinking to have people
who come on tv just to argue or spout the latest
talking points. Can you say boring. Wake up CNN
it is 2010 and they are stuck in the 90's. CNN
needs a news boss who will modernize the
network.. Drop the crawl and constantly update
the news every 10 minutes and use a real time
news format. It's content, storytelling, production
and presentation. Stop it with the intrusive
graphics and run the video like you do with
commercials.I really don't understand why
there can't be a simple banner close to the
bottom of the screen that sums things up
in a sentence. Going in and out of breaks
use clips of news being featured on
I have also noticed that CNN is now using
Getty Images. So that means CNN has access
to hundreds of news photos and Time Warner
does own Life which also uses photos to
tell the news. Also use time lapse video
that shows events like a balloon race or
traffic and people moving in the morning,
or even a sunrise or moving waves. There
is a huge appetite for news but you will
not get much on CNN. How can cable news
forget the importance of video and photos.
Hello, that is how you tell the story.
Finally, hit the streets to find out what is
really going on. You won't find it sitting
on your behinds just chatting. The news
will not come to you go out and find it
and tell us something we don't know and
only have the pundits on the political shows
but not so prominent, but definitely not
in prime time. For goodness sakes put
you more likable anchors on more who
seem to understand the news and look
like it on tv. Rick's List is cheesy , that is
the problem. Sanchez has the nerve to
constantly keep his face on the air for
an hour or 2. I guarantee if you drink shots
for how many times his face shows up even
when he is not on camera you would be