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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of June 28th

1 - Based on four nights of regular programming

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

HLN topped MSNBC at 8. I am not sure what
happened with Larry but 360 is back around
200,000 let's hope they can get those demos
up. Dr. Sanjay Gupta anchored a really good
360 tonight.Gupta is another talent being
overlooked by CNN management. Given the
success of a show like The Dotors, you would
think CNN would give Gupta's show a much
better time slot perhaps on Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

The spread between Fox and CNN in the 9PM hour is 400,000. Too much of a difference to keep Larry in his prime spot.
AC in the 10pm hour had a difference of about 280,000 in comparison to Fox and MSNBC was a very close third.... a mere 100,000
The totals are what makes CNN a disaster and the sponsers know it.
Fox leads by millions and that's not a good thing, no matter how you interpret it. Remember too, Cooper has been on location for the past 6 weeks and the total spread is huge in the 10pm hour.

Anonymous said...

It is all downhill from here once CNN goes with
it's new fall lineup. CNN will learn some very
hard lessons.

1) People are tired of for profit media not doing
any news and just turning their channels over
to the talking heads.

2) Not one channel dares to be bold and to stop
letting politics control their product. This means
that the journos are not in charge and the
pundits control cable news.

3) Having people come on CNN and argue is
really annoying and needs to stop.

4) It is a myth that people only like juvenile
behavior on cable news. Let's face it viewers
are not offered any alternatives. IMHO. FNC
MSNBC and CNN are all biased because those
are the only people all of these networks let
come on their shows.

5) People are serious when they say don't
watch CNN until they start doing the news.
Ratings ploys won't work it is about your
on air product.

6) Who will CNN hire to repair the network.
Will CNN actually have a vision and a plan
to get it's credibility back or will the network
have ruined itself beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at 360, behind the scenes, should be fired, starting with David Doss. Last nite Sanjay Gupta, who is a terrific medical journalist, was given zero content to work with. He could have stayed in Atlanta. The show was so boring I fell asleep. Sanjay is better than that. CNN doesn't appreciate the journalists they have.
Klein thinks if he pays the talent enough they'll stay, content isn't important. Well, content is everything to the viewer and even if you have quality journos, if the content is boring, the show fails.

Anonymous said...

Daryn Kagan has a must read on her blog.
Now keep in mind no one agrees with Nsar,
but Kagan raises some good questions. Most
importantly, why won't the suits act as
swiftly when it comes to Jon Klein, who did
more damage to CNN, It certainly was not
Nsar.If the suits had any brains Klein would
be gone now and so would any of his plans.
Klein has messed things up really badly for
CNN yet he still is making important decisions.
Why is this when Klein's decisions have cause
some real damage he gets to keep doing it
again and again. The moment Klein even
mentioned going with Elliot Spitzer and
Piers Morgan he should have been shown
the door. If Jon Klein is not a real problem
for CNN, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to hire Conor Knighton & the Infomania
crew for their daily take on the news as well as the
absurdity in the media.It is as close to the Daily
Show as you can get and it would bring a challenge
to Rachel Maddow for the demo. Nothing like
Infomania is out there but no censorship CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to work on content for all
of it's shows. The network keeps focusing
on the Arizona lawsuit and there is nothing
going on so you just get the back and forth
that shows laziness. That is a problem for
CNN. Mashable had an item the other day
about the oil spill and it seems that people
are not interested. If you get a chance and
read the comments you understand why,
there is nothing going on. Next week 360
is heading to Haiti. Let's hope the show is
much better.

Anonymous said...

@10:37PM: I disagree when you say that covering the Arizona lawsuit and protecting AZ's borders, and the oil spill, that is still gushing uncontrollably, killing all the wildlife in its path and heading towards Miami, is for you,"nothing going on."
States rights is a BIG issue right now and AZ has shown strength, wisdom, and decisiveness, in tackling the migration issue, on their own.
All the above mentioned qualities, Obama, has failed to show. Fox had Lou Dobbs on with Megyn Kelly just the other day and I bet they hire him in time. CNN was embarrassed to have him because he had an OPINION. Well now they have dull John King's USA...Fox knows what to do with their talent and they don't discourage creativity.
As for the oil spill, I really wish nothing was going on and so do millions of other people who care about the planet Earth!

Anonymous said...

CNN viewers are not FNC viewers. CNN needs
a different model to draw in millions of viewers
who can't tolerate the news because they are
not independent or a free press, they are bound
by ideology and narrow thinking. Basically, not
letting any original , no limit journalism make
it to the forefront. CNN has to be cutting edge.
Here is how you do that. First, drop the crawl
and do something similar to what you see when
you log on to Yahoo, CNN or whatever being
highlighted, have one sentence explain the
video or pictures with music accompanying
the news item. Let me stress the song must
compliment the story itself. Next, during the
day have your reporters do a 1 minute or
less package of updated news that CNN gets
and do real time reporting. Next, change
your content every 15 minutes, that is the
advantage the internet has over old media.
Next, celebrate journalism and have passion
for the news and information, that means
embracing different styles of journalism
be it from reporters, photojournalists,
backpacks or even someone on staff that
goes out with an I-phone on the CNN
staff who can go out daily just with an
I-phone or camera and hit the streets
to find interesting news items. The news will
not just come to you , chase it and bring it
to viewers for more original content and
reporting.Next, put every piece of video in
a multimedia player, that is how peopel
consume so much these days from the
web as well as I-tunes, you have to look
modern. Next, drop the intrusive graphics
and just have a 5 second graphic for every
news topic over the shoulder is old ,
animated graphics and infographics are
in vogue. Once example that CNN has that
is good is the up close animation for 360.
Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with
something new, For an example, an anchorless
news program, a viewer contributed news
show where CNN would try and connect
a story CNN did that day with items the
viewers will pick, let me stress legit news
items and no political rants. Take for an
example the Google/China story. I am sure
someone at CNN will cover this story from
various angles,is the Google policy in China
different from the rest of the world. End the
segment with 5 things you should know about
Google and do the same for other news items.
What is wrong with a news show for kids or
a news show you can sit and watch with your
kids and watch together as a family. CNN
needs to lessen the number of pundits and
have them only do the political shows.CNN
has to bring us more international news.
Thanks to the internet the world is in your
hands and tv news needs to realize the game
has changed and they can't control everything
but since tv is a visual media you can give
us pictures and compelling storiers. Opinion
don't mean jack, there is Facebook, Youtube
and Twitter for that and besides it is the
most boring things about cable news.
Without video you are simply getting radio
on the television. Last I check they were
different mediums. I am with you about
content , it needs to change for each and
every show so that all of CNN's shows
don't look the same. One more thing.
I know CNN gets a ton of news from
various sources during the day. So in an effort
to actually look like a 24 hr news station,
CNN should itemize the news into various
news topics. For example, sports. You have
a sports tab that you highlight similar to
what you can click on while surfing the
web and develop animation for this with
the cursor moving on the screen clicking
on the item. Have the anchor or reporter
do a 7 second into setting the story up
and go to the item. If it is a reporter or
photojournalists show their photo at the
end with a quick big and build a website
as a companion to tell what stories will
be airing during the night to get away
from the repeats from midnight up until

Anonymous said...

Why is CNN ignoring the violence in Oakland.
That is the problem with for big media the
news gets out but CNN always misses it.

Anonymous said...

360 is so bad on Friday nites it is as though they've given up entirely and are trying to save money and not the show. It shows repeats of the entire week, with Anderson or without him. What other station does this? It makes the viewer think, nobody cares and the truth is, nobody DOES. Very sad.