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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Rick's List" adds 8pm slot as of July 22

From TVNewser:

CNN's Rick Sanchez is coming to primetime, at least temporarily. On "Rick's List" today, Sanchez casually dropped this line:

"Pretty soon we're going to have two things going on. A: We're going to be doing this newscast at 8:00 at night. We're excited about that, and my book is going to be coming out."

Presumably Sanchez's program will shift to 8 p.m. temporarily, until the panel show hosted by Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker is ready to debut later this Fall.

Campbell Brown, who announced that she would be stepping down earlier this year, has continued to host her program since she revealed her decision. CNN has confirmed that Brown's last day at the network will be July 21.

A spokesperson for CNN tells TVNewser that Sanchez will start his 8 p.m. show Thursday July 22, and will continue hosting his afternoon program from 3-5.

Sanchez has been a regular fill-in for Brown, and had previously anchored "Out In the Open" at 8 p.m. in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Cyn: You should have put this under the heading "Funnymen Look at CNN." It is just laughable what CNN is doing to injure itself. It's almost like a "junky on dope," who keeps stabbing himself...purposely, and in the same place all the time.
Seriously, however, it is a shame for those that are true journalists
like John King, who have to suffer for someone elses
Jon Klein.

Anonymous said...

At this point it is really hard to take CNN seriously.
I really don't see how Jon Klein can continue. Is this
really the best that CNN can do, The same goes for
putting Drew Griffin anchoring in the morning, The
guy is too boring to be in the chair and is really a
drag in the morning, I have been watching HLN
this week in the morning.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly the latest attempt by CNN
to have zero viewers in prime time.The
format for John King is what messes up
the show.CNN has to move away from the
ideological mindset.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps CNN should go with Amber Lyon
and her back pack crew for a hipster type
Nightline news program for the 8 pm hour.
Lyon just turned in another great one for
Campbell. This is exactly what Anderson Cooper
used to do only with a little different twist.
Amber Lyon is the best hire for CNN in recent
history. She has her own style and you don;t
see that anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to put news back in it's name and
really mean it. It seems as though CNN is just
trying to see if something will stick. Time and
time again I hear people say maybe if CNN
actually did some news and use the best
reporters at the network they would be just
fine but it seems that the requirement at CNN
now is to be a bad anchor.CNN has no direction
or leadership and it shows.We now know no
matter what Don Lemon & Tj Holmes will not
be given an opportunity . Ali Velshi filled in
for Campbell and these 3 can't.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that on this blog people actually want real journalists to report and yet on ATA, it's quite all right with some, to have SEAN PENN, be the eyes and ears for anderson fact they go so far as to defend a celebrity because he's doing community service!
CNN is just answering the call to those who watch, and if this is what some viewers find acceptable on 360,the bar has indeed been lowered.
So WE, are in the minority it seems if we want to improve standards and have quality programming and that is why people like Piers Morgan is the new Larry.
After all, you don't need to actually know anything about anything. You just have to be on a show that is watched by "the masses."

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if CNN gets that reporter like
Amber and the Vanguard team over at Current
is the direction that CNN needs to be headed.
That is the future of television news and it
begins at early as grammar school.CNN must
have their reporters hit the streets. Instead of
the live 360. maybe AC should do a show that
does bring us unique and original content and
not the studio chats that are really making cable
not worth watching these days. How is it that
CNN is not covering the Lockerbie bomber
story that might involve BP.If Nightline can
figure out a a way to compete against Leno
and Letterman somebody at CNN should
be able to figure out how to beat FNC and
MSNBC, or at least search for the person
who is able to take on CNN's competitors.
Can you imagine all of the interesting and
compelling news that CNN would find if they
would really search the globe for news you
would not see anywhere else.I still think
CNN should go at the Vanguard team that
works for Current. There's Marianna Van
Zeller, Kaj larsen,Adam Yamaguchi and
Christof Putzel.If you don;t believe me
just go to Current and take a look at their
work and tell if you will not be saying
how come this is not on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Rick has a List? How high Up do the numbers go?