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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your Views On The News, August 15, 2009

I'm not sure if everyone is as bored with CNN speculation as we are? If you're not here are a few short reads for your consideration this week.
Maybe ATC will get it's mojo back when CNN does? One can hope.

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs a fundamental change.If people
are not digging a political show with John
King , they will not watch Crossfire 2.0. It
is the politics and pundits that is dragging
the ratings down for CNN. When it comes
to the news media. People just don't trust
it. You have people who you put on your
channel who are nothing more than pro
talkers who are just on tv to make up facts.

Anonymous said...

Forget about hiring Piers Morgan. Just take a
look at what is happening at ABC with Christianne
Amanpour. It is just not working and so many
people are taking to the web to say bring back
Jack Tapper, who many think did a better job.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings for Max
Kellerman later today. The Rick's List format is
a handicap. It does not work for television.It
is to self-involved. Besides your stories don't
look like anything I have seen on Twitter that
people are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Why has CNN adopted the rhetoric Ground Zero
mosque? It is not accurate. CNN has a huge
building in NYC and their reporters have never
ventured out into the neighborhood where the
mosque would be built. It is 2 blocks away.Does
CNN realize they have people thinking it will be
built right where Ground Zero is ? Not that I am
in support of the mosque, but at least get the
facts straight. The area they keep called Ground
Zero is not where the proposed site is it is a
thriving business district.

Anonymous said...

CNN has twisted and parsed the words of President
Obama because you can go online and see the full
speech and not a chopped up portions to make
what you are saying is what was said. Was the
president responding to a question from Ed Henry.
You are telling me the Obama can't comment on
what is going on in America and the pundits can.
I think there would more than a mosque in the
building.Of course Obama's critics are going to
get their faces all over the news because the
media wants it that way. The facts don't
matter since the media is lazy and only will
put the pro and con angle on stories.CNN
how about airing people's comments in full
and stop trying to make me accept your
view of what is said.I have a brain.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! TV by the Numbers has an interesting
item on CNN. The ratings are down for all of
the cable news networks but for some reason
CNN is down nearly 5x the losses of FNC and
MSNBC.CNN can't afford mistakes.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in trouble for not focusing on the real
news and not having sensible conversations.
CNN blew it with regards to the supposed
mosque at Ground Zero.It is disturbing when
MSNBC has an intelligent conversation about
the story and CNN just puts on the pundits to
fan the flames and you wonder why your viewers
are leaving.CNN looks ridiculous and it not even
trying to inform but spread fear. Now we are
suppose to be afraid of China. Get real.CNN
viewers want CNN not FNC or MSNBC and they
are not getting it so they are just tuning out.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet that later today the ratings
for CNN will still be low. Made up controversies
based on lies and misinformation might matter
to cable news but people who now NYC and the
area know better and these people who have no
connection to NYC or 9/11 are nothing but a
bunch or opportunists. People have access to
NYC media so they know cablesphere is making
this one up about a mosque at Ground Zero.
I refused to watch 360 last night because they
did not care about putting things into perspective.
The guests they used for the segment said it

Anonymous said...

@11:28AM: Sorry. This mosque situation is not a "made up controversy." Living in the NYC area I find it absolutely outrageous to even have to think of "rebuilding" a Mosque in the area in which the Twin Towers stood.
I know you can't lump the entire Islamic community under one umbrella, however, we weren't attacked by evaders from another planet. These were the people who attacked us, just like the Germans will ALWAYS be assoicated with the astrocities of WWII. The facts remains we must be sensitive to those innocent Americans who were killed on 9/11, whether a group of people are insulted is besides the point.
To them I say: Own It, and build somewhere else. History has been written and if it offends you, so be it.