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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Michael Ware as you've never seen him before...

On Monday, the program Australian Story showed the first installment of a two-part program about Michael Ware. For someone who has been intensely private about his personal life, it is an astonishing look at his life and work. (The photo above shows him with his son in 2002.) Here's a look at the beginning of the program:

If you want to watch the rest of the program it is available on my site (in a larger video format than Blogger allows!) The second part airs this coming Monday.

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Anonymous said...

He certainly looks better in 2002, than he does now...even asleep.
Do we know who the mother is or shouldn't that be a concern?

Cyn said...

He says in the program that her name is Shannon and they were together for eight years. They split up shortly after the baby was born and he went back to Afghanistan.

And most of us looked better in 2002 than we do now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't he supposed to have had some kind of mental break down or mental fatigue covering war zones and he wanted CNN to give him some kind of reprieve which they refused to do?
He does look to be frightfully weary.

Cyn said...

Anon@7:38, he has PTSD and is getting treatment. CNN initially did not agree to give him time off to deal with it. Since his contract was expiring, when he declined to go back into a war zone he felt that he had basically been let go by the network. When that information went public, there was an amazing reaction in the blogosphere, and someone at CNN had the brains to make sure he was given a year's leave of absence in order to work through some of this. He will hopefully be back on CNN next spring, although whether he will go back to the war zones remains to be seen.