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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lose the Parker in Parker/Spitzer?

For those of you who just can't get enough Parker/Spitzer news this was posted on yesterday. It was written by Jeff Bercovici


See full article from DailyFinance:

To say Parker Spitzer, CNN's new prime-time show starring former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and conservative writer Kathleen Parker, failed to win over critics from the start understates the matter. Go here or here for a survey of the reviews, which mostly focus on the forced chemistry between the two hosts and the jarring lack of flow between segments.

Of course, the critical response would be irrelevant if the show were attracting viewers, but at least on its first night, it didn't.

CNN, of course, says it's happy with the show and confident in its prospects, but there's reason to think the network is already quietly lining up the fire trucks next to the runway in expectation of a flameout. The major reason is the dismissal, two weeks ago, of network President Jonathan Klein who developed Parker Spitzer and also recruited British TV interviewer Piers Morgan to succeed Larry King.

Another Swing and Another Miss

I noted that the timing of Klein's ouster, coming before his newest shows had a chance to prove themselves, was curious, but CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton had an explanation: "We felt it was important to go ahead and make the move before we launched the new programs because we felt it was important not to have any disruption once the programs were on the air nor any seeming of dissatisfaction with the programs."

Maybe. Or maybe, once Parker Spitzer went from concept to execution and Walton got his first look at the result in the days leading up to the launch, it became glaringly obvious that Klein had swung and missed yet again and it was past time to give someone else a shot. After all, the two hosts were chosen and announced without so much as a screen test being performed.

That's just a guess. Here's another one: It will be weeks, not months, before Klein's replacement, Ken Jautz, makes a significant change to Parker Spitzer's format. Several critics have said the dual-host thing is awkward and that Spitzer, the bigger name of the two, might fare better with a show of his own. (MSNBC's Morning Joe, which seems to be the loose model for Parker Spitzer, is built around a similar dyad, but it's clearly Joe Scarborough's show.) Don't be surprised if that's the direction Jautz takes it.

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Anonymous said...

I say loose Spitzer. But what do I know. I'm just an ordinary viewer.
He may well be the bigger name, but he's no morning Joe.
Parker is relaxed and full of wit, while Spitzer is stiff and boring.

Anonymous said...

Lose both Parker & Spitzer. If people won't
watch them together, they won't watch them
on their own. Neither of these people are too
likable or any good on television

Anonymous said...

I watched the first two nights of Parker Spitzer and I must say that I didn't enjoy it much. The show isn't live and I think CNN primetime should be broadcasted live. Same with the upcoming Piers Morgan show. He recently said in an interview that most of his shows will be pre-taped. What if there is breaking news going on? What will CNN do? Ratings for Parker Spitzer are very low. I enjoyed watching Campbell Brown way more. I want news, not discussions with fake attitudes. Piers Morgan begins after at the start of the New Year and hopefully CNN will quickly re-think their lineup. One show I really enjoyed was CNN Tonight. They should bring that back replaceing Parker Spitzer and have Soledad O'Brien or John Roberts host it. The Situation Room is one of CNN's most popular shows, so I think they should move it up an hour, replacing John King USA. That would leave more viewers tuned in for CNN primetime. John King isn't doing well either. Might as well move his show to the weekend after the election. I'm glad Rick Sanchez is off and that CNN US has a new president. Hopefully CNN will make the right decisions and have a better lineup beginning 1/1/11!

Anonymous said...

This show was doomed from the start.
What was the hurry CNN ? Somebody
should have said no and this would
not have happened. Seriously CNN.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. Spitzer was
never a hot property.CNN forgot about facts
and news and stories beyond the political
spectrum.CNN is not VH1 or MTV. You can't
do this and call yourself a news channel.
Why is it so hard to get real news on CNN
these days. Why would you even take this
route in the Face Book era. This will not
work the tide is turning against pov news.
It is causing Americans not to be informed
about the world, which is just plain wrong.
Put on Fareed Zakaria for the hour. Global
news is becoming increasingly vital and
CNN is light years ahead of everyone on
this. The world is a smaller place and CNN
can't get beyond politics.

Anonymous said...

The Katie Couric rumors are flying again.
This show can't continue 5 nights a week
as the lead show in the CNN prime time
lineup. Waiting too long will make matters
worst. CNN needs to cut it;s losses now.
Did CNN really think viewers would tune
in to Eliot Spitzer. As soon as this was
announced we all knew it would not work.
CNN is falling way behind pretty early in
the day American Morning is making things
bad for CNN right from the start. That is
dragging down ratings during the day
and Parker Spitzer does absolutely nothing
for CNN in prime time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13 I could not agree more. It does
seem fake and staged and where is the
news. Drop the discussion mess. I too
enjoyed CNN Tonight and was disappointed
when CNN took it away. The only problem
I had with the show was the pace and it
too needed more news and less talk. CNN
does need to reconsider the direction they
are heading. CNN needs to be live for 3 hours
and what does happen if there is a major news
story breaking. CNN has painted itself into a
corner. People will not turn to CNN because
they know CNN is not live. Take the rest of
they year and get the lineup right and give
us live news. C'mon you are CNN. I say add
a couple of more people to CNN Tonight
and yes move TSR to 7 and John King to
the weekends. Please treat Wolf right and
give his internet reporters back and not
just Jack.THat makes TSR really boring.
Also, really have Wolf checking in with
CNN reporters all around the world,CNN
is pretty boring with the panel discussions.
Give us the news please. I am hoping down
the line CNN becomes the first network to
get away from pundits and talking heads
running the show. You could have done
10 more stories that are less boring.

ACAnderFan said...

At 8pm, CNN ought to show Hala Gorani's edition of I-Desk. It aris at 1pm est time on CNNi. Its a good show and far better than anything CNN can come up with for their 8pm hour.

Anonymous said...

I am not enjoying Parker Spitzer. It's very annoying. The biggest mistake they did on their first show was towards the end of the show, they both sat down with a group of people no one has ever heard of and asked them what their guilty pleasure was. Seriously? I don't know these people, why would I want to waste my time watching this?

Anonymous said...

Parker Spitzer is one creepy show. CNN is
missing too many stories these days. The
thesis from a Duke student that went viral.
The gap logo fiasco. This month is national
breast cancer month and there is a campaign
that went viral on FaceBook.CNN has not been
giving extensive coverage to the toxic sludge
spill and I agree we need to see CNN I on CNN.
At the rate CNN is going they will talk themselves
out of existence. Video people. Video. AM is
about to not be registering. It is getting close
to have less than 200,000 viewers.CNN
needs to stop the it's all about me format
they are going with. It is ratings repellent.
I think people are really serious about boycotting
CNN until the make a commitment to news
and drop all of the opinion and silliness.

Anonymous said...

How is it that CNN manages to find the most
obnoxious, annoying, self important people
on the planet. CNN needs to start giving shows
to their own reporters and come up with formats
that are not about I think this or that. CNN is
truly a pain to watch. Turn the channel in protest.
Until I hear Parker Spitzer and Piers Morgan are
not longer on the CNN payroll I am not tuning in.
CNN continues to diss it's viewers and the viewers
are starting to revolt against the yuck that CNN
thinks they can get away with putting on the air.

Anonymous said...

CNN = Cable Noise Nonsense. The IQ just
keeps getting lower and lower on CNN.
Once there was no doubt CNN was smart
news and factually based. Now it is filled
with misinformation that is never corrected
and treated as news. In 24 hrs you get zero
news that means something. That is what
CNN gets for not giving us the news.As a
result here comes a complete collapse if
the continue with the plans Jon Klein left
behind. Given his track record there
should have been some serious doubts.
In the end it is real reporting and news
that will save CNN not programs that
make you sick.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to even give 10 seconds to Parker
Spitzer and have made the decision never
to be watching CNN while the show is on
the network.

The suits have to make a decision. Will
they stay trashy. sticking with Spitzer
and tabloid journalist Piers Morgan or
will they go back to their principles and
try to restore the network's credibility
and relevance.

CNN really owes it's viewers an apology.
If you say you are committed to news,
show me the news. Don't bs viewers.