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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of October 11th

1 - Ratings based on four nights of regular programming

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

When you'd rather hear Lou Dobbs in the 8PM hour, you know your program is in deep trouble.
Campbell Brown was no good, Paula Zahn was no good, but this is better???
Klein, sorry, you have to "eat" this one.

Anonymous said...

Love Jon Stewart. The man spoke to truth
to CNN on CNN. The suits need to hire him
as a news consultant.CNN is not doing any
actual reporting and is letting the ideology
soundbites be used as facts, in reality we
all know this is not true and CNN has to
end this and go with analysts who have to
use facts. It says a lot when the studio crew
is laughing about what Jon Stewart is saying
about CNN. Boy was he ever telling the truth
because right after LKL 360 had the pundits
right at the top of the show.360 also did
editing with words that were suspect.
Anderson Cooper showed video edited together
of the words take our country back.. It was
done completely out of context. You don't
show clips like that without out showing the
beginning and end of the full statement.
Stewart busts FNC for doing this all of the time.
Jimmy Kimmel can make it seem like
people are saying anything with editing.
It is about how it is used.

Also this morning, no joke, on Bloomberg
Elliot Spitzer might have a show on CNN
but the Harvard Club does not want him.
No matter how CNN will try to dress him
up it won't work. Stewart was also right
about Piers Morgan. You don't replace
Larry King with a guy that most Americans
don't even know. That is exactly why CNN
is a burning building. Only ideologues are
hired to do the news and they are running
CNN.Spitzer is not even a journalist yet
somehow he got a prime time gig on CNN.
You look at the decisions CNN are making
and you just shake your head. How many
matches will they suits keep adding to
the fire.If you don't put out the fire ,
eventually the building will burn down,

Anonymous said...

Larry King & CNN will likely get a boost From
Jon Stewart and the Soledad O'brien special
tonight. There is only 1 week left in the Oct
ratings. Pretty much by Thanksgiving the
2010 ratings are drawing to a close and it
is on to 2011. The problem for CNN is they
are much weaker heading into 2011. CNN
waited too long to fire Jon Klein and now
they are sticking with his plans. Can't they
see he destroyed the network. Someone
will have to answer why Parker Spitzer &
Piers Morgan were given shows on CNN.
Somebody should not have let it happen
at all. Have they ever heard of do no harm.
It is no doubt changes will be made and
sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in really big trouble. Judging from
the numbers for American Morning the
past 2 days,it's safe to say people are
turned off by what CNN is doing. CNN
decided to go with misinformation and
keep the facts away from viewers,bigotry,
hate and anger. From Lou Dobbs to hiring
birthers, morphing into FNC,hiring Rick
Sanchez,etc. CNN dissed it's viewers and
showed an arrogance that is baffling.CNN
had zero room for error. CNN must fix
the morning show and the 7 & 8 pm
hours.CNN should never have abandoned
the news. Can you ever take CNN seriously
again ? That answer right now is no. It's
like people are telling CNN they have had

Anonymous said...

CNN could learn a lot from Bloomberg.
Bloomberg is changing and going for
younger viewers. They are doing sports,
international news,Google searches,even
on Friday the top 5 Billboard songs. We
are talking about Bloomberg. If they can
change why can't CNN. CNN really needs
to lighten up in the mornings. When you
are heading out the door, you want to be
in a good mood. CNN does not communicate
the way people talk and interact with each
other. It is amazing that since CNN is
going real heavy on politics and talking
heads their numbers are tanking. Besides
talking head journalism is boring and
shines the lights on how lazy CNN is
being and not even using it's resources
or experimenting with new and interesting
things. Bloomberg is modernizing and
beefing up its news while CNN thinks
it is still the 90's.

Anonymous said...

CNN must realize that content is the universe.
CNN is suppose to be providing viewers with
news and vital information.CNN needs to decide
like yesterday what to do. Right now they don't
have a clue and it is playing out over the airwaves.
CNN has to get out of talk/opinion. Turn the
network over to you own journalists and hire
people who are innovators in how to make the
news interesting. Two people I really wish CNN
would take a look at are David Neuman & Laura
Ling. When Current TV originally launched they
were leading a different breed and hoping to
change journalism. Current ran into some
money issues and had to change course.
Being that CNN is owned by Time Warner
that is not an issue. The look,graphics
and creativity was what originally made
Current fun to watch. There are even rumors
that Current TV might eventually be for
sale. The Vanguard model is a great model
for CNN and hire as many Current people
as you can. A lot of them are out of work.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of things on CNN that
show the disconnect. The only people even
talking abut Juan Williams is the media.We
all know that if you are with a company and
they find your words or behavior against
company code you can be fired. What are
the chances of any of us signing a 2 million
dollar contract as a result. It has nothing to
do with free speech. Besides if you are doing
fact based news how can you be biased.CNN
it is the opinion that makes you biased and
factless. it has nothing to do with free speech
no matter how FNC tries to portray it. Tell
me what else is new with conservatives
wanting to cut funding for NPR. Then
there is Lindsay Lohan. My response ,
so what. Old media might live in the
ideological spectrum but ordinary people
can't and that is why you can't relate
to CNN. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

This probably will not be posted but Whoopi Goldberg has the nerve to criticize NPR for the the firing of Juan Williams!
She walked off the set of the View when O'Reilly said, as Jon Stewart and Colbert would say, "Truth to Power!"
Good for FOX NEWS for giving Williams and even bigger contract!

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe Fox News wouldn't be nixed so hard now that Jon Stewart has come to the forefront and said how he really feels about them.
HE TAKES THEM SERIOUSLY...and so should everyone on this post.