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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ratings For The Week of September 27th

1 - Special programming was aired on two nights.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson is going to be a daytime talk show host, he must start getting better guests.
Lawrence O'Donnell seems to have absolutely no trouble getting decent people to speak with.
When Bob Woodward made his rounds, he went to Larry King, Bill Maher, and O'Donnell.
Why does AC have a problem?
Maybe it's his own fame that gets in the way of promoting other people or maybe its his reputation from 60 Minutes: where the story always seems to wind up being about HIM.

Anonymous said...

CNN is completely falling apart. On Wednesday
American morning had only 217,000 viewers
according to TV by the Numbers. Yet another
legacy of Join Klein. Now CNN has the worst
lineup in prime time on cable. The shows don't
belong together and people are disgusted with
CNN for not doing news.TRMS is blowing up
because Rachel gets it. People are sick of chatter
and her staff is very good at coming up with
interesting segments that you stay tuned to
see. Rachel is starting to overshadow Keith.
Rachel shows what smart women in news
can do. IMHO this is where the 360 viewers
have gone.It is really a shame because when
360 first aired that is exactly what Anderson
Cooper did and 360 was never dull or boring.
It is a shame that CNN has put 360 behind
crappy shows that have nothing in common
with news.It is 211 you can't afford to bore
viewers too death. There are other channels
for people to watch and they will not
hesitate to turn the channel.360 was once
a fast paced multifaceted program now
it is too long on talk and too short with
the news.CNN made a huge blunder with
the decision to do no news in prime time.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling AC would have no problem
booking guests. It seems that 360 chooses
to book pundits instead. Last night 360
was fine for the first two segments about
the Univ of Michigan student interview and
John Edwards. The big problem for 360 is
content. They could have done dramatic
readings of the Palin e-mails going into
commercials. CNN ignored women when
they hired Elliot Spitzer.CNN should have
gone with a news show anchored by 3 or
4 of their female journalists and let it be
smart with interesting topics. Politics
free for the hour and no ideologues.
Just the outstanding female journalists
at CNN. Once they realize that Parker
Spitzer needs to disappear from CNN,
they will go with a women's news show.
Although, I would not hold my breath
it is CNN.
That would permit CNN to get a jump
on Rachel Maddow and potentially get
millions of viewers. The creative mind
on Rachel Maddow is the executive
producer Bill Wolf. POV is exactly what
is wrong with CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN became the news channel for bigots
and hatred and the Rick Sanchez incident
proves that. Why even hire people like this.
CNN is damaged goods for imitating FNC.
They got it all wrong and they are paying
a heavy price for lowering their standards.
The crazy thing is they keep doing the same
thing over and over again. The more I hear
from Piers Morgan it makes me like him
less and I won't be watching. 360 is it for
now on CNN and if they miss the mark I
turn the channel. I watch Daily Buzz or
Morning Express. I don't alike AM or
Morning Joe. I just need to know what
happened while I was asleep and what
is going on before heading out the door.
Both Morning Express and Daily Buzz
look like they are having fun and mix
it up with seriousness and some news to
give you a laugh in the morning.CNN's
negativity is a big turnoff.If Parker Spitzer
is the best that CNN can come up with,
it is safe to say CNN is finished.

Anonymous said...

@11:19AM: Gee here I thought the name of the show was seem to purposely be leaving off the anchor's initials to rationalize something that isn't happening and never did.
Please read the article in NY Magazine for enlightenment.