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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust?

We didn't think this was worth its own post but apparently others do because our inbox is filling up with tips so here ya go:

From today's Page Six of the New York Post

CNN anchor Kyra Phillips' pregnancy with John Roberts could bring big changes at "American Morning," insiders say. Roberts, who broadcasts from New York, is likely to move to Atlanta to be with his fiancée, who's expecting twins. Since CNN ex-president Jon Klein recently rebuilt the prime-time lineup, insiders say his replacement, Ken Jautz, will focus on daytime, and his first step will be to dismantle "American Morning," the lowest-rated cable morning show. We hear the staff is frustrated with co-anchors Roberts and Kiran Chetry. "John is a tyrant, freaking out over stories and guests, and Kiran is dumb as a rock," a staffer said. "He has a chip on his shoulder because he was considered the heir apparent to Dan Rather at CBS." During an interview with David Axelrod last month, Roberts snapped at Chetry on-air for typing too loud. Chetry could be the first go. A CNN rep said, "There are no plans in place to change 'American Morning' at this time."

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Anonymous said...

Why did CNN even hire Kiran Chetry. Yet
another oops by Jon Klein. One lesson
CNN needs to learn is to fix the disaster
that CNN left,leaving CNN in ruins. It was
one bad hire after another. They tried Ali
Velshi with her on Friday and the ratings
were bad. They only had 76,000 in the
demo.CNN needs to really focus on content
and quit trying to be personality driven.
Tomorrow I won't watch AM or CNN. 360
has already given me a headache. I am
now watching the last word.CNN has to
end the political panels.

Anonymous said...

Kiran Chetry was hired by Jon Klein because and I quote, "She lights up the screen." And she does, but not in a good way it seems.
I too read the print edition of the Post today and thought it was note worthy. The NYPost usually gets it right no matter what you may think of it.
Their sources are top notch and most of what they print or post, is a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs someone who can reboot and re-invent
CNN.It has to begin first thing in the morning and
all the way to prime time. The ratings are not good
for CNN and are not likely to be any time soon.I'm
certain CNN will also have lousy election day numbers.
Content is king and CNN needs to focus on stories
that will hold your interest and have you talking.
Stop trying to rely on talk.It has no impact.CNN
needs to get back into the news business and
deliver original content.We don't need pov we need
information and news.If CNN thought they could
get away with doing little news and 95 % talk
in prime time, now they know better.HLN
also needs to revamp. It needs to go back to
it's original intent or use the network to
run more in depth stories and longer interviews.
I don't know which is worse in the daytime
CNN or HLN. They are both lacking and
somebody should fix it like right now.
There is no excuse for the crappy shows
on CNN and HLN.It is only on the 30 minute
evening news shows where time is an issue.
For 24/7 newsers they have several hours
to bring us fresh and different news all day