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Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Piers Morgan Team Member

Steve Krakauer, senior editor of has been named digital producer of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” set to debut in January 2011 it was announced today by the show’s executive producer Jonathan Wald.

“Steve has been a leading voice in the digital world, reporting on cable news, politics and pop culture. He’ll be a great addition to the CNN team and will be instrumental in driving “Piers Morgan Tonight” beyond its one hour of television and into a more active online experience,” said Wald.

Most recently, Krakauer was senior editor of, the media news, opinion and rankings website where he covered media and television, conducting interviews with industry leaders, launching multimedia web shows and breaking news. He helped launch the site in July 2009, which is now ranked in Technorati's Top 10 blogs. He was previously an editor at, and was part of the NBC page program. Krakauer has appeared as a guest on NBC, Fox News and MSNBC. He was named a "rising star" by the New York Times in April 2010. He graduated from Syracuse University's Newhouse School in 2006.

Krakauer can be found on Twitter at

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Anonymous said...

It won't help the show.CNN has some major
problems. Since they morphed into the talking
held channel their demos are sinking. Yet again
CNN is way below 100 thousand for the day demo
and is 5th at 8 in the demo.It is a sinking ship.
This can't continue. Jon King, Parker Spitzer &
Piers Morgan will bring CNN record lows.

Anonymous said...

What does it say if you'd rather see the senior editor of rather than what's his face as host, hosting.
The public, CNN is rebelling. We will use our remotes to tell you so.
John King is NOT the same as Eliot&Spitzer. Sorry.
John has credentials and has proven himself. He needs another venue and time slot.
The other two just need to leave.
Please realize the difference.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11 you are so right about the remote.
I also vote with my dvr.I longer record any of
the shows on my dvr. The format of the show
is not helping John King.CNN is conceding the
news to MSNBC. CNN is apparently throwing all
of their marbles in with the pundits and we see
the numbers dive. Not getting higher demos
than CNBC is really bad.CNN can keep right on
putting on the chattering class and bringing on
Jack Cafferty to hate on Obama each day and
have the let's do what Fox does mentality and
they will be 5th for years. Do some news and
enough with Sarah Palin. CNN gives Palin more
free publicity than Fox.At least Fox & MSNBC
are not dumb enough to diss their viewers.
Only CNN is that dumb.It starts 1st thing in
the morning. Just take a look at the guests
on AM and Morning Joe. CNN is not doing
more news and AM is nothing but rehash.
CNN thinks they can play people for fools.

Anonymous said...

Now they have succeeded in ruining the
weekends as well. Bring back Don Lemon
live at 10 on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe
Discovery can buy CNN and show the value
of the resources of the network that is being
misused and mismanaged. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for John King. CNN makes their
reporters a part of the political noise and
nonsense by putting them on the same
level as pundits. Instead of having John
King ask hard questions to the pundits
CNN has him paling around with them,
It is as if CNN is not a free/independent
news organization. CNN keeps feeding
the beast and it looks really bad on tv.
CNN's political team is too tied to the
politics of it all.At least on Morning Joe
he calls them out and I think that is
why the show is growing. Parker Spitzer
is nothing but Crossfire with different
actors. So much of what CNN puts on
the air looks fake and staged,

Anonymous said...

@10:23AM: Have to agree about CNN "dissing" their viewers. They have been doing this for some time now, and WE let them get away with it. No respect for their viewership, because they "supposedly know what we want," Really??
HBO, their sister station, which I subscribe to and PAY a high price FOR, does exactly the same thing!
Gee, the apples don't fall far from the trees here do they?
Neither listen even when you personally contact them about alternative viewing options.
I say let's give it to them.

Anonymous said...

More damage to the CNN brand is what
a Piers Morgan show will amount to. Jon
Stewart said it best on Larry King, a guy
nobody has ever heard of. Will this make
anyone watch the show ? Of course not.
If you think viewers are rebelling against
Parker Spitzer , wait until you see the huge
backlash from this one. Somewhere Campbell
Brown is laughing. If you fire Jon Klein,why
go ahead with his plans. That;s right CNN
is in this predicament because they let it
happen and waited to long to fire Klein.

Anonymous said...

As Rachel pointed out last night, where is the
reporting. CNN just repeats what they are being
told and never question or research to find the
real facts. CNN is not entitled to their own facts.

Anonymous said...

HBO is my favorite channel. I am a huge
True Blood fan.TRMS is a hit because it
gives you news and information in very
creative ways.It is as if TRMS is a PHD
candidate in broadcast journalism and
360 got kicked out of journalism 101.
The clever graphics and content shows
a lot of thought and research goes into
giving TRMS viewers the best show
possible. I'm not sure it is the same way
with 360 ,the show is slim on content.
Each night you get left vs right. Are we
suppose to believe that 360 could not
find enough news to fill a show for 15
minutes other than left vs right day
after day. Why watch 360 or even dvr
360 ? The only thing that works some
for the time is Keeping Them Honest
and that is when it is not a made up
topic and excuse to have pundits at
the top of the show.

Anonymous said...

The NYT has a great article on Anderson
Cooper.It is all about the KTH segment in
which Anderson did a classic journalistic
takedown of the lies surrounding President
Obama's Asian trip.360 is such a golden
opportunity for CNN. With KTH Anderson
has something really special.If 360 did more
of this rock solid story telling journalism, the
ratings would take care of themselves.I can't
think of the last time I saw anything that
awesome on cable news. This is the style
of journalism that should be embraced by
the entire CNN network.