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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jamie Kraft Leaving CNN, John Roberts Leaving AM

Last week we blogged the news that John Roberts has been named a national correspondent for CNN and is heading to Atlanta. This article in Bloomberg Business Week mentions the direction that Ken Jautz has in mind for American Morning and also adds information about Jamie Kraft heading to NBC. We wish both Kraft and Roberts great success in their new endeavors.

John Roberts is out as a CNN morning anchor with the network's new boss saying he wants a more "upbeat" show.
CNN Chief Executive Ken Jautz said Tuesday that he wants a bigger mix of stories and a faster pace in the morning.
"American Morning" generally finishes fourth in the cable morning ratings behind Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN's sister station, HLN.
Roberts came to CNN from CBS News. CNN says Roberts has requested a reporting assignment that will move him from New York to the network's Atlanta headquarters. His fiancee, CNN anchor Kyra Phillips, lives there.

It was also announced Tuesday that executive producer Jamie Kraft is leaving CNN for a job at NBC News.

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Anonymous said...

Soon they'll be nobody left....except Piers, so who will he interview?

Anonymous said...

CNN is going over the cliff. TV by the Numbers
has data showing just how bad CNN has been
in 2010. Disaster ratings the sequel is coming
in 2011.It serves CNN right for abandoning the
news in favor of boring talking heads and
selling their journalistic soul.It is a failure .

Anonymous said...

Along with abandoning the news, CNN's failure to lure better talent and use and appreciate the talent that they already had, sent them over the cliff. They've also abandoned their viewers and insulted them with the hire of Piers Morgan.
I'm certain they've heard the uproar over hiring him and just tuned everyone out, so they deserve even worse ratings for the coming year.