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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catastrophic Failure

We don't often do opinion here at All Things CNN, that's not what we're about. But we're making an exception today because of recent events and a few shocks yet to come.
We were saddened this week to learn of John Roberts departure from CNN. He, like so many others who moved on this past year, could have helped CNN to return to its former glory, if they had been used properly and appreciated more. Do you realize how many fine journalists left CNN in just the past 365 day? It's rather shocking when you see it presented in list form.

John Roberts
Tony Harris
Karl Penhaul
Jamie Kraft, producer
Larry King

Abbie Boudreau

Cal Perry
Rick Sanchez

Jon Klein

Campbell Brown
Octivia Nasr

Christine Amanpour
Betty Nguyen

Gerri Willis

Susan Lisovicz
Erica Hill
Eliane Quijano
Nicole Lapin
Heidi Collins
Abbi Tatton

We know it's not the viewers job to fix the problem but ultimately you. the CNN viewer, will be the decider (to quote our last President). CNN needs to get its act together and fast. They can't survive another year, both in terms of talent loss and ratings failure, like 2010.

We'll leave you with a classy but subdued Tony Harris as he signed off CNN for the last time.

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Anonymous said...

Tony Harris was one class act and He was not appreciated.
It is disgraceful that CNN is losing so many talented journalists and it has not one think to do with its viewers, and everything to do with a management that didn't and couldn't recognize professionalism at its best.
I wish these people well and am deeply saddened by Tony Harris' departure from CNN, a network that has proven incapable of flexibility and is enveloped itself in perpetual denial from the very top, repeatedly.
I am also saddened, as a former educator, to see the word FAIL written across the CNN LOGO, but what else can be written about a network that not only doesn't appreciate its staff, but also doesn't appreciate the aptitude and interests of its viewers.
There is nothing else for us to do or say, but look else where for clarity and reason.

Anonymous said...

The problem for CNN is that they are owned
by Time Warner. The same company that has
HBO,TNT,TBS,Cartoon, etc. They don't care
about CNN. Just look at the superior news
the give the rest of the world via CNN I. The
bosses could care less about CNN or viewers.

Anonymous said...

CNN misses too many big stories these days.
I watch the big 3,PBS,Bloomberg & the web.
I will not pollute my brain with CNN. Just
don't watch the trash. The ratings keep going
down so there will be a breaking point.

Anonymous said...

CNN seems to be cheering for political discourse.
They are hyping stories that are not worth all of
the time they are giving them. Did we really need
to see live hits of the reading of the Constitution.
Does CNN know how ridiculous they look. Jon
Stewart said it best. Now the same thing with
regards to healthcare. From CNN you would think
the bill is going to be repealed. We all know that
is not true. So why is CNN lying to viewers.

Anonymous said...

If AC360 doesn't do something, their ratings will be as poor as Parker-Spitzer. In 2011 we might be seeing them on the list as former employees.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for all of the fine journalists
who are being mistreated by CNN. The Oprah
interview is no big coup for CNN. She will be
on The Talk today. Like we are not suppose
to know that Simon Cowell got his buddy
Oprah to do the interview.We already know
the Oprah story. She does not need publicity
from Piers Morgan. Really CNN. The way they
edited the interview is so fake. His reactions
are edited to make it seemed that is how it
occurred. There are giveaways if you look

Anonymous said...

When you say few shocks to come, I am concerned.
Tell me this doesn't mean CNN is about to become
HLN and worse.

Anonymous said...

How do we protest ? How do we e-mail
CNN to say we are not liking the changes?
How do we get heard ? Any company that
gets millions of protest letters will listen.
Is there no one at CNN who is powerful
enough to stand up for the news and has
influence ?

Anonymous said...

Okay. January 17,2011 is CNN Blackout day.
That is the day we turn off all things CNN.
Including It is cold turkey when
it comes to CNN. Maybe they need to be
down in the 200,000's to finally get the
message that viewers are trying to send
them. We will no longer be ignored for
news we are paying for and not getting.

Anonymous said...

Parker&Spitzer, Piers Morgan&CNN.
all better get their acts together and is already effecting 360's ratings which has been hurt by Larry King's departure.
No Larry wasn't always great, but you could count on him to bring in at least a 600K total most nites.
Now there's nothings but crime stories on 360 and it's beginning to look more and more like HLN.
Oprah's latest disclaimer that "Anderson must be Anderson," was no great "send off," either when speaking of his new to be talk show this fall. She watched her wording very carefully and is usually more affusive.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully CNN will take quick action to fix things (even though this has been hoped for a while now). CNN is still lucky to have Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley, Don Lemon, Kyra Phillips, and Anderson Cooper. All of them are great at what they do. I would like to see more of Alina Cho and Randi Kaye. They would fit perfectly to each host a block of CNN Newsroom.

By the way, I think it's time for this site to change it's look, especially the right column showing pictures of CNN personalities becuase half of them are gone anyway.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the changes and direction of CNN?

Don't watch CNN.

The women on Fox are MUCH hotter and they don't hide behind a news desk.

Fox news channel...."It's not about the's all about the views"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I would come home from work or the gym or a night of dancing and no matter the time I could turn on HLN and find -- GASP! -- the News! And if I wanted more in-depth coverage, I could turn to CNN. I've given up on both counts, what with all Nancy Grace all the time, ridiculous gizmos overshadowing election returns and CNN's collegiate all-stars shilling "hot" entertainment WB contracts/albums/films to promote. Ick.

Anonymous said...

@4:45PM: Loved your last line,"half of them are gone anyway."
And the ones that are left are doing what, giving us the news?
Now that would be somewhat of a miracle.

Anonymous said...

CNBC finished ahead of CNN and MSNBC in
the demo and guess what, they had on 60
minutes and a Facebook doc. I have the
feeling that CNN will be 5th really soon.
Nobody likes their programs. The are
simply horrible and an insult to people;s
intelligence. The thing is Facebook, Youtube
& Twitter let's ordinary people broadcast
themselves. Why CNN thinks pundits and
jerks are the answer to ratings on a so
called news channel is a mystery. People
know the difference between Jersey Shore
& 360. We have become a media savvy
nation. Cable news looks ancient. Before
this year is over they will get a hard lesson
when it comes to your customers/viewers.
They matter, you need them. CNN is nothing
without viewers. The ultimate revenge is
not watching CNN.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Tony Harris so much. He was my favorite CNN new anchor and I almost never missed his show. Now, there is nothing worth watching on CNN during the day.