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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Piers on Letterman

Piers Morgan was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman recently and they spoke, among other things, about Larry King, CNN's ratings problems and Piers Morgan Tonight.

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Anonymous said...

After viewing this clip, all I can say is WHY?
Why did CNN choose him?
Instead of saying to David Letterman, "I hope I can become as skillful as you," he just goes on and on about his favorite topic, himself.
His mother was right. Taking over LK Show, is like trying to be Sinatra in Vegas, and failing.
Piers....You're trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

CNN will see just how weak the new lineup
is tonight. CNN will still way behind in the
ratings even without Keith and Countdown.
CNN needs a back up plan and to fix things
now. Parker Spitzer is sinking lower and lower
and CNN has to think about canceling the show.
Piers Morgan's show is just awful. He is not a
hard strong interviewer. Piers Morgan is weak
and now CNN is going to get a swift kick in the
butt. The numbers for Piers will be really low
tonight. On Friday, Joy Behar almost beat him
in the demo.

Anonymous said...

My god mooore whining and complainging from people about CNN from this site. I can't believe I even bother to read the comments section because its the same broken record all the time: CNN sucks, so and so was a mistake to hire, CNN needs to do hard news, the network will die soon and on and on!

We get it, it needs to change, I agree! And I'm not a Morgan fan either, but jesus cut the guy a break! He's been on a week. Lets not come him and his show a total failure until maybe a month. Larry was on for 25 years and I'm guessing his few weeks were a little shakey. But I guess that was a time when CNN was perfect.

Anonymous said...

@10:55PM: Why yes, there was a time when CNN was perfect. Just ask Ted Turner and stop being naive, unless you've got stock in CNN or Time Warner and reading constructive criticism hurts.
I for one, will not cut Piers Morgan a break. He's alien, not a journalist, and a what Larry King forgot, he will NEVER know.