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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adam Carrolla Discusses Piers Morgan

Mediaite has a posted a segment from LA’s KTLA-TV morning program with Adam Carrolla discusses Piers Morgan. We thought you might enjoy the laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I think Eliot Spitzer & Piers Morgan are done.
The dust has already settled. In this day and
time ,you have a very short window to find an
audience. I think they are on the verge of being
canceled unless they improve in 3 to 6 months.
The changes CNN will make to these shows will
have zero effect. People have already made up
their minds. Maybe they have 6 weeks you
never know but the clock is ticking.

Just out of curiosity I decided to run some numbers
for fun, starting with January 31st up until Feb
24 before the CNN PR machine next week. You
can't ignore that Egypt/Libya gave CNN a bump.
It is a stretch to make it seem like people are
suddenly watching P/S or PMT. Naturally, the
news shows 360,TSR & JK, USA get a bump
because of breaking news.TSR & JK,USA are
not heavily promoted by CNN yet they are
close or topping P/S & PMT. The irony. Take
a look at the numbers.

AC 360 is averaging 850,000/304,000

TSR/5 PM is averaging 711,000/180,000

TSR/6 PM is averaging 642,000/197,000

JK, USA is averaging 553,000/175,000

P/S is averaging 636,000/176,000

PMT is averaging 715,000/239,000

These are just rough numbers and they
can toss some shows that are their lowest
rated during the month. I just thought I
would get these out before the spin by CNN.
Draw your own conclusions.We don't have
Friday's ratings yet but I think it is funny
that Wolf Blitzer is beating Parker/Spitzer
at 5 & 6 when it comes to viewers/demo
and not too far behind PM in viewers at
5. Also, John king could top P?S in the
demo for February 2011. Even if JK loses
on Friday he is so close to P/S in the demo.
Later I will try to have some numbers to
see has CNN stacks up against the competition
in prime time.

Anonymous said...

More ratings for you all :

CNN is averaging 768,000/244,000 in PT

FNC is averaging 2,327,000/576,000 in PT

MSNBC is averaging 994,000/261 in PT

P/S is averaging 636,000/176,000

BOR is averaging 3,200,000/771,000

TLW is averaging 1,033,000/233,000

PMT is averaging 715,000/239,000

SH is averaging 2,153,000/553,000

RM is averaging 1,096,000/292.000

360 is averaging 850,000/304,000

OTR is averaging 1,623,000/405,000

ED is averaging 845,000/253,000

* the ratings for ED are likely to change
the show is not in the lineup on Friday
and there was a Chris Matthews special.
HLN is not included so that will also have
some effect at 8 with the possibility of
P/S being 4th or edging out Nancy Grace.

I am just going with the data Mon-Fri
using TVN as a source.

No matter how CNN tries to spin things
this is the data for February 2011 for an
entire month for the new CNN lineup.
Anything beyond this is bs and CNN will
try to do this with Piers Morgan by trying
to include the numbers from last month.
That is history. It is moving forward now.
Take a look at how the shows rank in PT
since CNN is the only network with changes.

1. BOR : 3,200,000/771,000

2. SH : 2,153,000/553,000

3. OTR : 1,623,000/405,000

4. RM : 1,096,000/292,000

5. TLW : 1,033,000/233,000

6. 360 : 850,000/304,000

7. ED : 845,000/253,000

8. PMT : 715,000/239,000

9. P/S : 636,000/176,000

Once the averages are in for all of the
cable news shows it will be interesting
to see how the CNN shows perform. I
have a feeling it won't be pretty. I will
be keeping an eye on the 10 PM hour
to see if those demo numbers mean
there is movement. I really don't see
how the poor showing for P/S & Piers
Morgan won't eventually drag down 360
to record lows.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Piers is mediocre at best and even with all the hype - he's never going to be the saviour of CNN as they were promoting him to be. I hope he goes sooner rather than later. If CNN is to keep him, then when there is breaking news, the hour needs to be covered by Anderson or Wolf, depending on the topic of he news/their availability. I've tried to watch a couple times and although his bookers are often able to book decent-good guests, Piers doesn't have the knowledge to engage in a qualtiy discussion. He often asks the wrong questions and always talks over his guests, trying to make the show about him. I really only see Piers' numbers falling, unless he gets an exceptional guest and then it's a one night only ratings win. I don't think his audience is adding to P/S or AC360 in any way. Don't really see any cross appeal there.

I think Eliot Spitzer may be fine, if he were given his own program. I've not been a fan, but watched the week when Kathleen Parker was "sick", because of the Egypt coverage, and was pleasantly surprised. I think it could be a much stronger program than JK, USA.

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but with CNN's promotion all going to Piers these days, I find it great that AC360 is still the ratings winner for CNN.

I like the way CNN seems to be breaking up story coverage - JK all politics - P/S combo of politics and ME, more from the political angle and AC360 with the straight up ME coverage. I think they've hit on their anchor's strengths. It's also nice to have a program to go to for in-depth international coverage. That's hard to find on TV.

Thanks for all your work on the numbers -- interesting.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it Piers Morgan is a disaster for CNN.
Another misstep. CNN needs to get it's act
together when it comes to Libya. Christiane
Amanpour is now in Tripoli and will be doing
This Week live and on sight Sunday. I know
Nic Robertson is there but Christiane had some
amazing video of foreign nationals who are
stranded at the airport because they don't
have the money to go home. I am surprised
that Don Lemon did not lead with Libya at
the top of the 7 pm hour. CNN needs to be
ready. It is only a matter of time before
the dictator falls and CNN is talking about
a voodoo fire at the top of the hour. Do
some news CNN.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't care for Adam Carolla. I think he's far too loud and unfunny.
Having said that, he's right on about Piers. Eventually, he too, will be gone because he has no endearing qualities and no fan base.
@12:41PM You make some interesting and reasonable analogies and you are absolutely correct when you say "Everyone was given a bump," from foreign affair coverage on CNN.
Wolf and John King are journalists and the public is aware of their knowledge and there will always be a place for both of them at CNN.
The trouble is, management doesn't understand its talent. They know that John King is very good with political figures and statistics and Wolf is top notch, but it does not surprise me that Jautz doesn't know how to use his talent or engage his viewers anymore than Klein did.

Anonymous said...

Tale of the networks : CBS makes changes
and talks about hard news. Les Moonves
had a plan when CBS got rid of their news
president. Bring in Fager from 60 minutes
hire David Rhodes away form Bloomberg.
Emily Chang, once with CNN ,will now be
hosting a daily tech show on Bloomberg.
ABC loses Jim Murphy, who will work on
Anderson Cooper's talk show and they
replace him with the guy who revived
Nightline. CNN names Ken Jautz, who
had declining ratings at HLN and offers
Parker Spitzer & Piers Morgan. CNN has
no leadership and is poorly managed.
Until these things are fixed CNN will
always be moving backwards with
outdated ideas that will not fly in the
21st century.CBS,ABC & Bloomberg are
serious and CNN can't get anything right.

Anonymous said...

360 is the top rated show in prime time because
people watch CNN for news. It does not matter
what CNN does a 8 they have already lost too
much ground and making the show more like
Crossfire is a nonstarter. TRMS is leaving Piers
Morgan in the dust. I really don't understand
how Morgan got the job in the first place. CNN
should have gone with Chelsea Handler, but
now she has her own late night gig coming up.
She did news topics. Also, there is George Strombo
out of Canada. The news segment he does
before the interviews is so popular on the
web that CBC offers it as a stand alone. By the
way he could replace Piers Morgan. If you
don't believe me take a look at George
Strombo Tonight.. It is 30 minute show so
maybe CNN could make 360 a 90 minute
show. Strombo could do a show for CNN at
9 and still do his show in Canada at 11:30.

Anonymous said...

George Stroumboulopoulos can do an hour
he has done it before. He used to be on Much
Music like John Roberts. I also like Connect
With Mark Kelley. George really is dangerous
which means he would never be hired by CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs an hourlong tech show instead
of airing Your Money 2x during the weekend.
Where are the promos for American Morning
now the TJ Holmes is on the show. TJ & Kiran
don't even have a promo and they are not
doing too bad lately. The promos are what
makes Piers Morgan annoying. I agree that
CNN needs to drop him sooner rather than
later. But we all know they won't because
their is no difference between Jon Klein and
Ken Jautz. They are both experts at totally
destroying networks.

Anonymous said...

Changing the name of a show and bringing
in rotating guests of a certain political thought
won't work. CNN is trying to have it's own
Morning Joe. Except CNN keeps trying to do
this with pundits instead of journalists and
people who engage in intelligent conversation.
You can tell that a lot of thought goes into
the people invited to be guests on Morning Joe.
CNN has yet to catch on that the ideological
policy battle is becoming less and less popular.
No average person a policy wonk. Politics
don't consume their lives. Viewers have a
wide range of interests that are not politically
centered and CNN has yet to see the light.

Anonymous said...

If you watch other networks and their programming, and that includes Lawrence O'Donnell as well as Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart, they all give great thought to what they are presenting.
CNN has lazy programming. They like to slap a show together with little thought as to what the viewer actually is interested in, and if the anchor's mind is on something else, or wants to be some place else, it is easy to see why time and again, CNN comes in third across the board, and that includes 360.

Anonymous said...

360 has been focused and sharp when it
comes to Egypt & Libya. That said, CNN is
very lazy. Instead of focusing on content
& increasing story count CNN is using
talking heads & questions. That is laziness
and a lack of innovation and creativity. Try
to make the content different every hour
and cover more stories that are not crime
or entertainment. You Tube is the world's
largest television network so CNN needs
to be the source for world's largest news
content. It does seem that CNN has some
trouble booking guests. Too many times
they just use talking heads to fill time
and no thought goes into that at all.
Morning Joe books better guests in 1
day than CNN does all week long.CNN
really needs to get serious MSNBC is
starting a new lineup today & Comcast
has big plans to topple CNN. CNN is
making that task pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

Since CNN can't win at 8. why not do something
that does not exist on American news channels
like an anchor free news show. Just have the
reports gathered by reporters that day with
music & transition graphics like you are putting
together a list on and load into the
media player. Euronews has this format. CNN
can't keep looking like old media. Everything like . Including the media bar and fast
paced so that you don't get a chance to turn
away because you never know what is coming.
If there is breaking news like Libya go with
the people on scene and rely on their skills
being live on CNN for the full hour. All you
need is a banner with the story title and the
name of the reporter. Say for instance Nic
Robertson in Tripoli. He would began his
story by saying this is whatever and every
story is like a mini doc with music and
cool edits and transitions. See how many
18-49 yr olds you will get with that format.
CNN can just load the stories in a server
and air them all night long on weekends
instead of outdated news.

Anonymous said...

TV By The Numbers has Friday's numbers and
CNN had better think twice about getting rid
of John King at 7. He put up better numbers
than PS and PMT on Friday, barely missing
PMT in viewers. Somehow 360 gained 200,000
plus viewers despite PS & PMT trailing badly.
CNN needs to realize that viewers are rejecting
PS and PMT. CNN also needs to think about
promos for AM TJ & Kiran's numbers are growing.
I am not sure how the ratings will be this week
with Ali Velshi. He is a bit too much in the
morning beside I had to see Charlie Sheen.
I don't think I will be watching AM with Ali.

Anonymous said...

This just in to CNN : viewers are just not into
Parker Spitzer or Piers Morgan. Congrats to AC,
Wolf, John and Tj. The journalists are winning.
Too bad CNN will find a way to punish them for
upstaging 2 failing shows that the network is
desperately trying to save. Please drop the clown
aka Piers Morgan. He does not realize he is doing
a celeb interview show. It has nothing to do with
facts and he is just not that good. Don't blame
Americans for your failures. We know you are
not a legit journalist. CNN needs to get the
real journalists in prime time now that
it seems that some sort of military action
is coming.CNN needs to quit trying to
legitimize Eliot Spiitzer and Piers Morgan.

judy said...

So the question is how did Piers Morgan nab Charlie Sheen, for the Big interview?
Was he out networking this past weekend during the Oscars and nab him that way in order to beat 20/20
in their exclusive.
I did try hard to follow Charlie's reasoning, but it was difficult, especially when he called his CBS bosses "morons."
Charlie: It takes one to know one.

judy said...

I'm always amazed that the crazier you are, the more people want to watch you being crazy.
That doesn't mean you're popular
It just means you're not level headed and we enjoy looking at unreasonable characters, like Charlie Sheen.
According to TVN 9 million of us wanted to take a really good look at crazy...the wild eyes, the stare, the look that says "Where am I?" Yes, Charlie satisfied us all, but it wasn't because we like him.