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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ratings for the Week of February 14th

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Very surprised to read on TVN, that Fox News, is doing far better reporting of the labor issues than MSNBC or CNN, in Wisconsin or Ohio and that Fox has done objective reporting as well.
That has to have been a directive from Roger Ailes who seems to have full command of that network...unlike CNN who is still searching for leadership and identity.

Anonymous said...

This is not good for CNN. We will see if
Libya will help but so far Last Word is
beating Parker Spitzer. The same goes
for TRMS beating PMT.If the ratings for
TRMS continue to climb that is not good
news for 360. All this is happening as
360 becomes CNN most popular show.
360 needs better lead ins for CNN to be
competitive in prime time. This last week
of ratings is getting interesting. What
will it take for CNN to make changes ?
It looks like something will have to be
done sooner rather than later. Your
guess is a good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Somebody at CNN had better have a plan.
CNN needs to do something that works
for CNN and not worry about what Fox
or MSNBC is doing. That is what is causing
a lack of creativity at CNN. They try to be
Fox & MSNBC instead of standing out.CNN
must establish it;s own identity. CNN needs
a beat Fox & MSNBC mentality not be Fox
or MSNBC. Honestly, If Piers Morgan & Parker
Spitzer is the best CNN can do, they are in
bigger trouble now than before .

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is hands off 360. According
to TV by the Numbers, 360 is growing at 10.
Heck, the numbers even seem better at 11 for
a repeat. There seems to be a demo deficit for
CNN at 8 & 9. Piers Morgan is not growing that
much out of Parker Spitzer and probably gets
a bump in the last 10 minutes from 360. The
problem for 360 in the future would be viewers
not coming in at 10 and just staying on the
channels they are watching before the show.

Seriously, did anyone think Parker Spitzer
& Piers Morgan would be ratings winners.
Lawrence and Rachel are beating CNN when
it comes to breaking news this time. During
the Egypt crisis, Anderson, Ben,Ivan, Hala
and others where live in prime time and
people tuned in to watch them.

Anonymous said...

How is that CNN is not covering the US
military mind control story broken by
Rolling Stone? CNN seems to have lost
the ability to figure out the stories that
people are really talking about . Are you
telling me that no one at CNN has found
out about this story. Oh yeah, they are too
busy following the pundits on their payroll
and they missing a lot in doing so. Word
is General Patraeus wants an investigation.
CNN is always late and a day behind. Kaj
Larsen a former seal should be able to
offer great insight.

Anonymous said...

No one has to put their hands on 360. The anchor, as of this fall, will be devoting most of his time to being a daytime talk show host.
If this show is a success, then 360
will be given less attention, and start to decline on its own.
You can't do everything well.
That is a fact, unless of course he uses repeats of daytime on 360.

Anonymous said...

Good for Larry King for telling Piers Moron off. He said he was oversold and not dangerous and shouldn't use British humor and American television because it just
doesn't cut it. You could have cut the awkwardness of Larry's appearance, on Pier's show, with a knife...the same knife Morgan used to stab Larry in the back, last year in order to get his show.

Anonymous said...

The ratings for 360 this week are just simply
amazing. The NYT reported that viewers are
abandoning the 10 pm hour on network tv
and they are coming to cable. I wonder if
some of these viewers are new to 360 and
are discovering the show by channel surfing.
Those viewers are coming from somewhere.
That is a pretty significant jump from the
previous hour.CNN has to realize that having
Piers Morgan do news is no different than
having Snooki do the news. They are both
reality tv people not news people. Viewers
know the difference. Reality tv personalities
don't have credibility on serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper & Team 360 are giving us
quality journalism with their Libya coverage,
Last night AC said he would transport us into
Libya via an interview with a woman in Tripoli.
It was true and real and I could not turn away
from the segment called ' A Cry In The Night.'
AC got it right with the narration, storytelling
and questions and it was obvious that she
really trusts him so she speaks the truth.Thanks
Anderson Cooper . We need this. Thanks for
having Prof Ajami on to offer insight as only he
can.I salute Anderson and all of the people who
work on 360 along with Ben Wedeman. 360's
ratings are rising because Team 360 has
risen to the occasion.I have the upmost
respect for Anderson Cooper as a journalist.
Hands down he is one of the best. There is
a market for this type of journalism. I hope
CNN realizes this and that AC & CO will
give us the ultimate news experience each
night and really up their game.